Fans Vote: How Many Units do You Think Drake’s Take Care Will Sell? [Poll Results]

Fans Review Drake's Take Care on Twitter

Projections are in and it appears Drake’s Take Care is slated to sell between 6k and 8k. But before the numbers dopped on Hits Daily Double yesterday (November 16), XXL asked it’s readers how many copies they thought Drizzy’s sophomore album will move. Here’s what they think:

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  • Funniebunniehunniecuntie

    Well, i was one of the voters on 500 – 700 thousand.

    Just wanted 2 add this.

    I think the public problably bought close to 300.000.
    Birdman bought the rest.

    Now a days its all about touring, not about units.
    “Sell much” = Media coverage = Touring dough.

    I think most people are aware of this.
    Wayne 70% sales drop et.c.

    I will say this tho, take care is a really good album.
    Drake is a really good artist and i think he has hes own style and he does it really great.

    • Murda

      You really think on 300k people went out and bout the new Drake album?? You must be slow…

    • JugularKill

      Lil wayne – “Finito”

      “And they say numbers don’t lie, ‘cept one time”.

      There’s a problem with “Young Money” In 5yrs/ 10yrs from now there will be another “younger” and less talented act who will be in the spot light.

      Our generation is so focused on staying young they forgot youth doesn’t last forever and stupid words like “Swag” die quick.

      Will they rename it Old Money when everyone is in their mid 30′s in 5yrs?

  • womp

    when i tried to buy it the day it came out it was sold out almost everywhere soo….

  • mr.pat

    The meaning of the word swag isn’t going anywhere. Since BigDaddyKane Swag is HipHop. It used to be Smooth then Style, fresh. I mean all those are the same word Swag. That shit ain’t going no where for a long time. They used to do it in a smooth way though. They used to throw in something swagged out every now and then, like talking about jordans, polo, champagne or the car they drove it used to be in the verse now new niggas making a hook about it. The song wasn’t about the material object, the songs were actually about some more shit That what was so smooth about it back then subtly about it. I think thats the reason why Cam’ron was so smooth in his day , you never really seen him but when you did it was like some exclusive shit. I turn on my tv right now drake doin some feminine shit right now.