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Fans Review Drake's Take Care on Twitter


Drake’s much anticipated sophomore offering Take Care sprung a leak late Sunday night (Nov. 6)—sans the last song on the LP (“The Ride”), or the bonus cuts. But before offering readers the magazine's review of the disc—which officially hits stores on November 15— XXL reached out to the fans to see what they thought. Yesterday, XXL hosted a live listening session with the @XXLStaff followers on Twitter, previewing each song with the Twittersphere and gathering their varied consensus. Want to know what the rap world thinks of Take Care, click the next page to find out... —XXL Staff


"Over My Dead Body"
@Domonick_Sutton it starts the album off with a feeling of realness and emotional honesty
@AdamarLives decent start to the album. Coulda been better.
@artistrickards it's cool. Probably his best verses on the album. Still not the statement that Dreams Money can buy would've made as the intro


"Shot For Me"
@OGBurnsy why is this story so familiar?
@ANFSTUDIO Dope. SWV sample is fresh as fuck.....
@DontAtMeB shot for me is too realllll. it's like brand new, inverted
@The_Essence511 that one is dedicated to a certain shorty smh




"Crew Love" featuring The Weeknd
@Phllp_Wnslw Is the sky blue? RT @XXLStaff: You guys got love for that "Crew Love," featuring The Weeknd?
@eassyyj shits wack
@DR_PhilUpOnYou Naw not really. It just started off to slow for me, and it was too choppy. It picked up when Drake started spittin though
@SpittinS_Vanni Weeknd did his thing but didn't really feel like a full song to me. I liked it just kinda wanted more.
@bcampbell23 favorite song on the album. @theweekndxo makes that song a classic IMO.
@JBawse I love drake and the weeknd but that whit was lame.


"Take Care" featuring Rihanna
@_marK0_0 Perfection
@OrignalGame the album is to Pop for me he ain't really a rapper anymore another RnB singer #Bullshit
@AdamarLives Drake does his thing. Something 'bout Rihanna that never sits well with me.


"Marvin's Room/Buried Alive" featuring Kendrick Lamar
@AdamarLives Two Words: Kendrick Lamar.
@YoTeerizzle Kendrick's voice at the beginning of Buried Alive is HILARIOUS. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
@LarryLankLank Kendrick Lamar did a magic trick on that Buried Alive... few will catch it though
@binta92 kendrick sounds hella out of pocket on buried alive, but it works! drake brings out the best in his features #takecare


"Underground Kings"
@MarekV2 drizz spits his game on that record! @BluMyakayaka Drizzy spittin like a mofo there


"We'll Be Fine"
@SaggyTweets Fiiinnne song
@DUKU5 Beat is Crazy, sounds like Real Estate & She Well :/
@SpittinS_Vanni It's Ok typical Drake nothing new here
@DontAtMeB dude had some witty lines on this one. one of his "smarter" songs, in terms of lyrics


"Make Me Proud" featuring Nicki Minaj
@AdonisKnows Wack
@YoTeerizzle I think Nicki consistently ruins songs.
@SUpremeMUsicMV didnt like it at all when i first heard it and im a big drake fan. then i heard it again like a week later and loved it ! sick.


"Lord Knows" featuring Rick Ross
@Mr_Buckingham Dont ask dumb questions mon. RT @XXLStaff: "Lord Knows" featuring Ricky Rozay produced by Just Blaze. Banger?
@markswiftmusic Beat is crazy.....flow on point.....no hook...straight spittin....classic @ErnaJ92 Best song on the album! Production is craaaaazy!
@artistrickards all I can say is Just Blaze and Ross = Magic. Drake was drowning in mediocrity on that beat tho.
@MarekV2 track is sick but ross just doesnt compliment drakes flow at all, feels forced!
@Jiggolo Is Lil B the Basedgod? RT @XXLStaff "Lord Knows" featuring Ricky Rozay produced by Just Blaze. Banger?


"Cameras/Good Ones Go"
@RIDDIMONYACASE Cameras has a weak hook, not feeling it that much but Good Ones Go is great song
@redheadpg cameras should be next single
@WOODROWJAY Definitely feeling this one, i hear @SmokedOutLuger produced it, it has a sort of 'That Way' about it!
@gleamsatm Good One's RT @XXLStaff: You like "Cameras" or "Good Ones Go" better?
@KanyesPhoenix That was some real ish.


"Doing It Right"
@JustTroy21 Does "Doing It Right" do it right?” doing it wrong*
@Anonimis1 Doing It Wrong has to be one of my favorites how can you not get a response for that track? haha


"The Real Her" featuring Lil Wayne & Andre 3000
@LarryLankLank this is actually the best arranged song
@Mr_Lets_Go worst song to me
@VerzatileFlows Andre 3000's Verse>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Wayne's Verse.
@Herbs12 andre 3K goess hardd! Love r'n'b drake aswell!


"HYFR (Hell Yeah Fuckin Right)" featuring Lil Wayne
@MurdahG #carter4reject RT @XXLStaff: Ok moving on to "HYFR." Is it fuckin right?
@TerrellAnthony "they say love is in the air, so I hold my breath to my face turn blue" #Weezy
@TheCoryMendoza probably the catchiest song
@RHUSTLE_MEDIA Feels like it could of ended there.


"Look What You've Done"
@DontAtMeB co-sign “@XXLStaff: Ok on to "Look What You've Done." Definitely a fan of this one. You guys?”
@ScorpioEyes10 yup, thats hot!! love that one!!!
@RHUSTLE_MEDIA "Look at what you've done " tho...he snapped. Just when you thought he didnt have any more flows.


@SwagSociety he took it back to the 9 9 and 2000 with the Juve $wag lol
@donadamsky pretty dope track, imo
@SupaTev yup. Same thing he did with Thank Me Later and its still tight