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  • mutada mullah atari

    That’s fine. The guy has been in the studio nearly every day since 1986, they made a huge deal out of him going to Hawaii s few years ago, that’s sad. What’s the sense of making hundreds of millions of dollars if you don’t enjoy it, 50 called him and slim “studio” rats, always in the studio, meanwhile he lost a child and continued to work to fill the expectations of his fans , take a few years Dre, enjoy the nearly 30 years of hard work and come back and kill it

  • C’Mon Son

    Dre u aint been active in a LOOONNNGGG time. Your basically taking a break from a vacation….Detox coming Neveruary 32, 201111.

  • Decatur GA BOI

    There will be no Detox, and we don’t care anyway.

  • marcus focus


    • josh in mn

      you are an absolute idiot.. that is all

  • Brand-New

    Detox is just as real as unicorn’s and leprecahns with pots of gold under a rainbow.

  • http://xxl BIGED

    when it does eventually come out all the people that said they dont care will be bumpin it jus like last time….hopefully i wont be in a wheelchair by then

  • Harley

    His album is called The Chronic & 2001 you ignorant fuck. And how the fuck do you know what he does, that he ain’t recording you fucking knob gobbler? I agree with the first dude with the fucked up name when he does drop Detox it’ll fucking destroy everything that’s being played on the radio today. And there you’ll be bitch tits, riding his fucking dick again.

  • Kid Chyllen

    Nobody gives a fuck about Detox nor Dr.Dre anymore.

  • Atown Don

    Remember 2pac the Great said it best…. California Love Part 2 without Gayxxx Dre!! Pac was tryin to tell us bout this undercover lyin nigga.. Takin 10 years to do albums & shit!

  • Eat it Nigguz!!!

    If its gonna sound like the crappyass singles he put out… then he can keep that detox shit… I probably will check it out if it ever drops but honestly I stopped giving a fuck about it long time ago so if it drops cool if it doesnt thats cool too…I need a doctor n kush are fuckin lame by the way!!!!

  • foreal

    He’s more successful than any of us will be!

  • SeanSwedenRepresent

    This is quite bad news for the West Coast as a whole! I dont really understand why but its his choice though! The Neptunes will take over the game again, its the 2010s and if you follow music you can see that coming… Clearly! Its obvious Pharrell and Chad Hugo are coming back strong. I would’ve maybe copped Detox if it came this december but what can you do when he keeps breaking his promises, keeps on letting his city and and fans down. I mean LA need Detox.

    The Neptunes 2011

    • $yk

      LA and the West doesn’t need Dre or Detox like how your saying it.

      Just Blaze’s beat on ‘I Luv My Bitches>>>>>Pharrell’s beat on ‘Hear Ye, Hear Ye”


    im still on that chronic.. feemeeee

  • escobar9300

    Man come on Dre! That Detox album was supposed to drop at the end of 2003! Then January 05 he says “Look out for Detox” on Games cd. Now he drops two singles for this cd 8 months ago, and still no word on when it comes out? Give me a break Dre, shit or get off the pot. By the time you finally do drop the album, nobody is gonna care anymore. This is like the boy who cried wolf of hip hop.

  • escobar9300

    Not to mention, ain’t it kinda fucked up that 2pac has been dead 15 years and has still had SIX albums since Chronic 2001 came out, but Dre can’t cough out one? Child please. Lmao

  • No Name

    Do what you gotta do, Dre. At this point, he doesn’t even have to drop Detox. His track record to date already speaks for itself.

  • Miguel

    he just trying to find some people to write his rhymes cuz he can’t LOL. he should just not drop detox and keep on producing

  • GBtha G

    yo The Good Doc certainly needs a muthafuckin break.dont cha eva forget dat it was him who created Gangsta shet n’ took it to A VERY HIGH LEVEL. its only r&b assholes like eat it nigguz!!!, atown don, kid chyllen, marcus focus, decatur ga boi and c’mon son — all thiz are nuthin but worthless trash.

  • GBtha G

    … and neva mind bout Detox muthafuckaz, coz its none of yo dirty biz.fuck outta here!

    We still Ballin’! N.W.A. 4 Life!

  • GBtha G

    damn fuck miguel, escobar9300. r&b assholes!!11