Clipse’s Hell Hath No Fury: By the Numbers

When the Thornton Brothers, Malice and Pusha T, emerged in 2002 with their platinum-selling debut, Lord Willin’ —featuring singles “Grindin” and “When the Last Time”—and their popular We Got It 4 Cheap mixtape series, anticipation for the sophomore follow-up reached an all time high.

Unfortunately for the duo, it would take about four years stuck in label limbo (Jive Records) until the official follow-up saw the light of day. Enraged and furious, Clipse would channel their frustration into the vividly hard-hearted album, Hell Hath No Fury.

Placidly released on November 28th, 2006 the Neptunes-produced sophomore effort depicted as much emotion as the Miami Heat’s locker room. From tracks including the gritty “Momma I’m So Sorry” to the eerie “Keys Open Doors,” not to mention the fervid “Nightmares,” Hell Hath No Fury would emphatically become Clipse’s magnum opus, even garnering the coveted “XXL” classic rating.

On the fifth anniversary of its release, went back to the kitchen to break the cold-blooded Hell Hath No Fury down by the numbers. Ughck.  —Ralph Bristout @ralphieblackmon

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  • JB Moneystax


  • jfl11

    Not at all saying this album isn’t a classic, but to this day I still like Lord Willin is better. Am I in the minority?

    • lol

      your the 1%

  • canadasmost

    ok hell hath was and is a classic people are just to stupid to comprehend this shit . i remember we got it 4 cheap was all i was banging back then until this came out . R-E-U-P-G-A-N-G. yeah and xxl what other albums got this classic rating ? you all should do a article on it like the source used to with there five mic albums .

  • jefferson seacrest

    Yo XXL, this is what we want, dope articles. Not WACK SHIT like Kreayshawn and YMCMB and articles on the size of Gucci Mane’s dick.

  • mutada mullah atari

    This article was fucking awesome this is my fav crack rap albums ever, the beats fit the flows, lyrics, every fucking song was on point and BOTH brothers delivered, classic for sure. Keys open doors lol

    Hope pusha gets off the “trying to be king” trip and malice finds a clever way to incorporate his spirtuality into his music, clipse solidified thier place on rap history with this one

  • Mr. Uda

    HHNF is one of my all time favorite albums. I remember getting it the day it came out, I was super excited. XXL, thank you for this short article. Am glad to see that XXL is still a HIP HOP magazine.

  • DoubleClutch95

    The best album of 2006 and one of the best hip hop albums ever!!!

    I wish it was a little longer but it still played over and over again when I’m ridin around shining lol

    • FNFUP

      Food & Liquor was the best album of 06 & the best album of the decade. But HHNF was hella close

      • Peterose22

        How old r u? Food and Liquor is a good album not great or classic. The one that leaked about two months prior to its original release was a far superior album that was the classic. Best albums of the decade are Blueprint and Stillmatic. HHNF definitely best of 06 also u may hate on him but the Doctors Advocate was right up there. Game has been shit since

  • CaponeMOB

    this is cool giving clipse their just due in this article,but xxl should of interviewed clipse to break down the recording process in this album. and ask them where the fuck they get those incredible coke metaphores. but this is a reminder of how XXL has sunked so low on the ratings giving lil wayne and gucci mane XL ratings for garbage ass mixtapes and albums.
    every time you niggaz are goin to rate a lil wayne album or mixtape remember WHY you gave hell halth no fury a XXL rating. and ONE of the reasons where cuz of TALENT and LYRICS. the sad thing though if you ask some young nigga in the street who’s their favorite cocaine rapper their goin to say rick ross,and they gonna swear rick ross albums are better then hell hath no fury…SMH XXLMAG in these recent years has become MTV,BET,TMZ,and THE SOURCE all in one.
    i rather you niggaz put 50 cent on the cover every 2 months then putting them garbage ass niggaz on your cover.

    next time clipse drops an album give them niggaz THE COVER of the MAG.

  • indy

    @Capone. Lil’ Wayne is great. Tha Carter 3 is a classic. Clipse’s Hell Hath No Fury is a doubly classic, though. Rips, rips, rips the pipe.

  • Ummm

    Sooooo nobody knows that you guys completely ripped FADER’s whole steeze ehh? SMH!