Boxing legend, Joe Frazier—one of the most renowned pugilists in the sport—succumbed to liver cancer today. Known for his epic matches with rival Muhammad Ali, the former heavyweight champion of the world is survived by his longtime girlfriend, Denise Mims, and 11 children. Frazier will not only live on by his family and by the boxing community, but his name will remain immortal in the lyrics of many hip-hop songs. In tribute of the boxing great, XXL compiled a list of some of the best Frazier references in rap history. RIP Smokin’ Joe. —XXL Staff

Inspectah Deck on Wu-Tang Clan’s – “Protect Ya Neck”
“I smoke on the mic like Smokin’ Joe Frazier/The hell-raiser, raising hell with the flavor.”

Big Daddy Kane on Big L's "Platinum Plus"
"Drink hennesey with no chasers/Right hook is like Joe Frazier’s/I’m the bodacious"

Lil Wayne on DJ Khaled’s – “I’m So Hood [Remix]”
“Home sweet, Home Depot, you will need a hammer/It go down like Frazier, I ain’t talking Kelsey Grammer.”

Black Thought on The Roots – “Web 20/20”
“Sucker like you just has to get blasted/Ashes to ashes, Frazier to Cassius.”

Styles P – “Blow Your Mind”
“Like Joe Frazier I'm smokin’/ Mere bang out in the open”

Pac Div – “Mayor”
“Modern Joe Frazier second round knock out/When I pull the cock out, baby see you later.”

Young Dro on Lloyd’s “Girls All Around The World [Remix]”
“They all wanna kick it with the Bankhead rapper/Put the gloves on, box that thang like Joe Frazier.”

Ice Cube "Crack Baby"
“Jumped out the car when his head hit the tar/It bust like a jar but he still wanted to spar/They jumped out and hit his ass with the taser/Fifty thousand volts turns him into Joe Frazier”

Nature “I Remember”
“Straight shots of Hen with no chaser/Mo' paper, stubborn, hardheaded like Joe Frazier”

Akinyele "Worldwide"
"My rhymes drip like a razor/Punch like Joe Frazier"