Where Should French Montana Sign? [Poll]

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    Where Should French Montana Sign?
    French Montana is arguably the hottest new artist of the moment. Having already heated up New York with cuts like "Choppa Choppa Down" and "Shot Caller," French has gotten the attention of a number of labels reportedly interested in bringing him aboard. <em>XXL</em> helps the BX representer weigh his options. —<em>XXL Staff</em>
  • maybach music group
    <strong>Maybach Music Group</strong><br /><strong>Pros:</strong> There's no question that MMG is heating things up right now. Rick Ross is still the Bawse, Wale will be dropping <em>Ambition</em> this week, and Meek Mill is still building momentum. French has already collaborated with both Ross and Meek, and appeared on <em>Self Made, Vol. 1</em> earlier this year. The Bronx rapper's energy and approach seems to fit MMG. Thus far, Ross has done a solid job pushing his artists.<br /><strong>Cons:</strong> With a new Ross album on the way, Meek working on his debut, and Pill in the chamber, French may not get the chance to shine right away.
  • wayne drake
    <strong>Young Money</strong><br /><strong>Pros:</strong> Like MMG, Young Money has been on fire. With Lil Wayne's latest release, Nicki Minaj still eating off of <em>Pink Friday</em>, and Drake gearing up for <em>Take Care</em>, YM boasts three of the game's biggest heavyweights. Aligning with them immediately adds a flame to your name. French also wouldn't be alone, since the label now boasts artists from plenty of different locations, including a few New Yorkers.<br /><strong>Cons:</strong> Things seems a bit cluttered over at Weezy's house. YM's three-headed monster is constantly prioritized. French would join Cory Gunz, Lil Twist, Bow Wow, Lil Chuckee, Jae Millz and Tyga on YM's deep bench.
  • good music
    <strong>G.O.O.D. Music</strong><br /><strong>Pros:</strong> Despite Pusha T's recent acquisition, French's signing to G.O.O.D. Music would be a total curveball considering Yeezy's crew isn't as street-oriented as the other labels in the Montana race. With a solid roster already intact, French Montana would be an interesting fit for Kanye's team. He's been categorized as a New York rapper thus far, but aligning himself with Weezy would give him a platform for worldwide success.<br /><strong>Cons:</strong> Similarly to Young Money, GM's large roster might end up hurting French, as there's no guarantee that he'd be a priority or get attention from the man in charge.
  • mgk diddy
    <strong>Bad Boy</strong><br /><strong>Pros:</strong> Aside from Machine Gun Kelly and Red Cafe, there isn't much of a waiting list over at Bad Boy. Puff also is a master promoter.<br /><strong>Cons:</strong> Ask any of a handful of disgruntled artists what it's like signing to Diddy, and it'll become clear that there are some risks in getting involved with Bad Boy.
  • jay z
    <strong>Roc Nation</strong><br /><strong>Pros:</strong> Though it took a while to get the project out, J. Cole's debut album, <em>Cole World: The Sideline Story</em>, debuted at No. 1 last month. The roster is thin when it comes to rappers—Cole and Jay Electronica—so French could be a main focus. Neither Cole nor Electronica are in French's lane, either.<br /> <strong>Cons:</strong> Remember how long it took for J. Cole's debut album to get out? Yeah, that could happen again.


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  • fastflipper

    if he really want the spotlight just sign to mmg

    but it would b a fail

  • casperdamu

    French Montana is Wack.Looks like a tiger woods wanna be.Bitch ass!

    • choppachoppamothafucka

      i bet u broke bitch! mind yo own shit & stay on yo grin lil buddy! haha fckn faggot!

  • streetsrmine


  • jhwg624

    anywhere but GOOD music hed ruin it.

  • ddayton

    I think French should stick to what he’s doing right now forget and about the major labels. I mean he’s doing fine without them so far

  • dashboard

    Yeah I hate his life as a whole trash fake looking NIGGA

  • digisnacks

    deff none of these..he already big without them he should stay clear from all of those

  • http://www.twitter.com/soookie @soookie

    fuck all the labels, he should stay doin his own movement! wiz khalifa has his taylors, rick ross has mmg, french has the coke boys. he should just stay where hes at and do his own thing, he is just as popular and in demand as any other signed rapper. but its deff a cross up btw mmg & good music, but i feel good music is too pop rap for him

  • http://www.twitter.com/soookie @soookie

    if french builds his own empire like MMG that would be poppin seeing it would be french, he got chinx drugz, cheeze ! flip. like they are all beastttt on tracks. and not to mention they got harry fraud beats like cmon coke boys movement would be WILD, shit he can even recruit uncle murda

    • frenchsignwithMMG

      french need to sign with MMG ! cuz chinx & flip aint marketable & mmg will help the coke boys

  • http://xlmag.com TrueSpeech

    How about NONE OF THE ABOVE?
    He’ll go to MMG and immediately be the 4th best rapper in the squad. That ain’t the goal…
    He’ll never drop an album on Young Money…
    His music aint G.O.O.D. enough…
    Bad Boy aint doin shit anymore. Who checkin’ for that?…
    Hov will never sign a guy wit his “talent” level…
    How about signing to Ray J’s MONEY TEAM!! hahaha

  • Infamous

    Ay Montana you should roll with MMG cause they the hottest lable in the game,but stick with what got you that buzz and fuck with da squad,why not jump on BSM wit flocka and dem they got you hot in the streets.but if you get with MMG keep that shit coming out hot and heavy



  • dj

    HELL no not g.o.o.d. music or roc nation or bad boys those labels are wack but he shudnt even sign with mmg if he still wants to be the hottest in the streets he shud make his own label with the coke boyz he’d be better off and young money the last place he shud go COKE BOYS RUN NY so keep dat going

  • Dillinger

    Obviously MMG with all that coke rap.

  • RealNess

    He shouldn’t sign to any of these labels he has his own movement… All these labels going to do is try to take away his money and shine….All he gotta do is stay on his grind and he good money…Coke Boys

  • keith c

    french is a real dude he need to stay away from fake ass mmg and gay ass good music…cash money and bad boy are sheisty buisness labels…i would sign to roc nation if i was him just by default…im sure theres a better option then these 5 labels

  • freemaxbjuuheard

    French do your own thing..stay waaaaavy..

  • http://66raw.com cocaine pri$e

    cocaine mafia mmg””mmg would be the best fit”” now ross has a pace of new york that will last for a loong time

  • coke boy

    dont sign wit n e of them french! keep doin ya own thing u dont need to sign wit n e one the label will change u! u guna lose fans if u change ya own style to another rappers style

  • Cream

    French is that guy Juu Heard!

  • Tevin

    French do your own thing..stay wavy.. I’m going to ride with what ever you pick Juu Heard! Bring the Bronx back!!!
    Free Max B!! Owww

  • Tino


  • ThATnigga

    dont sign with any of the wait for the right time,sign wit fif. all those niggas are in it for themselfs

  • Cocaine_Konvict

    french = new school biggie… so he should def sign with bag boy

    • Cocaine_Konvict

      *bad boy

  • big ra

    honestly speaking he should go with mmg get that arena money because after you stop jacking 90′s cuts the kids will realize you are average at best and between you and meek you can ride that for a year or two til you both get exposed….not hating cause the kids love you get paid

  • francis nasim

    you should sign with me
    -i run the streets of philidelphia.-they say look under a rock and you will find me.for you will know my name in the new millineum as BIG SEXYYYY”KEVIN NASH” HA HA HA!welcome to the new world i am your general manager of hip hop. my name is john laurenitis and i have strep throat.before you (xxl) break for your third lunch this morning i want to first thank the hip hop universe form tupac to t.i.p and now adress a few things.

  • francis nasim

    i dont drink ciroc brother only rum or whiskey during war.fat joe-you’re —-!.lloyd banks,thank you for your services-you are —.now that we have some cap room-we are the senate,the 49ers,we are the team-and its games time.

  • francis nasim

    thank you big sean for your big headed ass bein in charge,the ship is sinkin off these one hit wonders.where’s drake when you need him?

  • francis nasim

    enjoy the vacation for the remainder of the year because from january 1st.to eternal deficit its on! see you in december-and please pick up tm103-my mother likes jeezy-but on a side note i make m.c.s lyte-and shyne.thank you and have a wonderful holiday enjoy the 25th

  • francis nasim

    dogg pound records/nigga ask me/you aint jackin my chain/i got all around reach.bitch please!-chronic neptune mixtape-12/12/12
    doggystyle 2- 1st qtr.13′my debut studio album the gret=at depression.(right here in your city new york)feb 2013and my book colemens fighting temptaions fall 13.kurupt young gotti.biiiiatch-come home nipsey

  • french sign with MMG

    french sign with mmg, ross been promoting u since day 1