Where in the World Is Rick Ross?

After reports of his two seizures surfaced on the net last week— with the exception of a TwitPic taken in front of a Wing Stop in Memphis over the weekend— Rick Ross and his entire crew has been virtually silent since the Maybach Music Group boss’s health scares. No Def Jam statement, no Twitter action, no performances and definitely no plane rides.

So, where in the world is Rick Ross? XXL maps out the latest whereabouts of the Bawse in attempt to make sense of the whole thing. Elephant in the room, anyone?—Gina Montana

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  • that nigga


  • yup a hater

    who knows, hopefully he wont come back tho

    • BIG BOSS

      He’ll come back, even harder than before. GAAAH

  • Sean Izzle

    Enough is enough! enough already with the Rick Ross articles goddamit can yall stop this frenzy?

  • S

    stop please stop! Enough is enough, enough already with this Rick Ross articles evey update! Stop being such pussys XXLMag yall sucked for the last couple weeks. Hes wack most of the time so get on with yallselves

  • black jesus

    fuck the haters, its intriguing and thought provoking journalism like this that makes xxl what it is today.


  • pimpnastyfunk

    I’m not even a fan of this dude but you should leave him alone for a little bit, obviously he’s recovering.

  • realtakeover

    hopefully he wont be coming back fuck officer ricky we dont believe you you need more people these entertainers are killing hip hop

  • returnof4eva

    some of u people are ridiculous with these comments. I call yall KKKK. KEYBOARD KU KLUX KLAN

  • mw

    He is in NC. I just saw him 30 mins ago eating. No Lie. Durham, NC is home to one of best hospitals in the world Duke Medical Center and UNC Hospital.