Top 20 Most Blasphemous Lines

Top 20 Most Blasphemous Lines

While some fans may consider hip-hop a religion, the majority of rap is decidedly secular. When MCs do mention the man upstairs, it is often in boast (‘I’m the God of rap’) or to cleverly threaten rivals (‘I’ll send you to meet your maker’). But in the competition to shock listeners and outdo their peers, many MCs push the envelope with rhymes that are downright blasphemous. On Nas’ introductory verse on Main Source's summertime classic "Live at the Barbecue" 20 years ago, his precise flow and intricate bars had everyone buzzing about the new kid from Queens and set the stage for his seminal 1994 debut, Illmatic. While Nasty’s entire verse on “Barbecue” was memorable, one particular bar has become legendary in hip-hop circles for its unapologetic recklessness. "When I was 12, I went to hell for snuffin' Jesus," Nas rhymes on the verse. His claim set the blaspheme bar high for all MCs that followed. Now, 20 years after the release of “Live at the Barbecue,” XXL lists the 20 most blasphemous bars ever spit on wax— one for each year since Nas’ classic verse. Pray for us. —Calvin Stovall

20. lilb

20. "Hoes on my dick cause I look like Jesus"—Lil B "Look Like Jesus"

19. Kanye-West priest/nun

19. “Make her knees shake, make a priest faint, uh/Make a nun cum, make her cremate, uh”— “Hell of a Life,” My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010)

18. Nas MC Search

18. “I’m waving automatic guns at nuns”—on MC Search's “Back to the Grill” Return of the Product (1992)

17. canibus

17. "Father forgive 'Bis/I just snatched the Jesus piece off some Christians 'cause they sounded like idiots"— "2000 B.C. (Before Canibus) 2000 B.C. (2000)

16. JayZ-7

16. "Blasphemous bastard get your faith restored, You're viewing your version of the Lord, God MC lil' nigga, applaud" — "Trouble," Kingdom Come (2006)

14. Jay-Z

14. “I never prayed to God, I prayed to Gotti/That’s right, it’s wicked”— Jay-Z “D’Evils,” Reasonable Doubt (1996)

13. Hodgy Beats "fuck church"

13. “Uh, fuck church, they singin' and the shit ain't even worth it/In the choir, whores and liars, scumbags and the dirt, bitch”—on Tyler, the Creator's “Sandwitches,” Goblin (2011)

12. j-cole

12. “I make the type of pieces that make Jesus say ‘God damn’” — “Villematic” (2010)

11. Tyler+the+Creator

11. “Jesus called, he said he's sick of the disses/I told him to quit bitching, this isn't a fucking hotline”—Tyler, the Creator “Yonkers,” Goblin (2011)

10. big-pun

10. “I'm battlin' Jesus, if he passes through my label I'm snatchin' his halo” — “Super Lyrical,” Capital Punishment (1998)

9. notorious_big

9. “Oh my God I’m droppin’ shit like a pigeon, I hope you’re listening/Smackin’ babies at they christening.”— “Madison Square Garden (Freestyle)” (1994)

8. Eminem-01-1024x768b

8. “There's several different levels to Devil worshippin’: horse's heads/Human sacrifices, cannibalism; candles and exorcism/Animals having sex with 'em; camels mammals and rabbits”— “Dead Wrong” Born Again (1999)

7. Nas1

7. "Putting hits on 5-0/'Cause when it's my time to go/I wait for God with the fo-fo"—"Halftime," Illmatic (1994)

6. biggie-smalls

6. “Hail Mary full of grace, smack the bitch in the face, take her Gucci bag and the North Face”— “Dead Wrong,” Born Again (1999)

5. Nas Carry the Cross

5. “I carry the cross, if Virgin Mary had an abortion, I’d still be carried in the chariot by stampeding horses”— “The Cross” God’s Son (2002)

4. HodgyBeats

4. “You told me God was the answer/When I ask him for shit, I get no answer, so God is the cancer” — Hodgy Beats on Tyler, the Creator's "Sandwitches" (2011)


3. "Now homie if I go to hell and you make it to the pearly gates Tell [the boss man] we got beef/And tell [his only son] I'mma see him when I see him/And when I see him, I'ma beat him like the movie/For leaving us out to dry on straight poverty/For not showing me no signs they watching over me/Look, we a new breed in 2006/We don't give a fuck about that religious bullshit"—"Pearly Gates," Blood Money (2006)

2. Nas

2. "Verbal assassin, my architect pleases/When I was 12, I went to hell for snuffin' Jesus"—Nas on Main Source's "Live At the Barbecue" Breaking Atoms (1991)

1. The Notorious B.I.G.

1. "I'm hard, Jehovah said I'm barred from the pearly gates/ Fuck Him, I didn't wanna go to heaven anyway/But my momma had me on my hands and knees with my hands gripped/Talkin' bout some "praise the Lord" shit/Hail Mary, fuck her, I never knew her/I'd probably screw her and dump her body in the sewer”—The Notorious B.I.G. "If I Should Die Before I Wake Born Again (1999)