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  • Technician #1

    woohoohoo thats the chopper! All hail King Tech! Fire!

  • Danyle

    that’s the shyt right there…..luv it!! sexi as hell!

  • YelawolfBestFan

    DWAMN! SO MUCH FIRE OFF A 20 SECOND SPIT! Yelawolf best be on strangeland

    • Axel

      He wont be, Strangeland is STRANGE MUSIC ONLY

      • TheTechnician67

        That’s not True, Tech is trying to get Machine Gun Kelly on the album. Collabo Albums for Tech are Strange/Strange Affiliated acts.
        Stevie Stone and Jay Rock weren’t signed to Strange til AFTER Gates Mixed Plate.

        • syXen

          Yes, but they’ve specifically stated that Strangeland will be more focused on Strange artists, with only a few features from people that aren’t with Strange.

        • jdj925

          there were other artists, many from kc, on the gates mixed plate that are not signed to strange (ie; craig smith, riv loc, irv da phenom, bishop young don, and jl of b hood)

          • Techaholic

            Other Collab albums aside, Tech has stated that this album is specifically for strange artists and artists close to the label like Irv. Especially since there were not many strange collabs on A6A7

          • Matt meyer

            you guys are still missing the point. this collabos album is not the same as the last ones. tech n9ne never said in the past that his collabos were only strange affiliated artists. he specifically stated that this album will only be current or previous acts signed to strange music. EXCEPT 2 features (ces cru and probly irv [very tightly related to strange])

  • t9 – Reno

    damn….now that’s a TEASER!!!!!!!

  • Adam the Great

    Tec a monstah.

  • juggalo christ

    when can we expect tech to hook back up with psychopathic and do some more wicked shit

    • Shadow The Truth

      Hopefully never, I’m sure he’s realized the error of his ways by now.

    • baconman

      He’s never had anyone from strange on his music anyway. They’ve just had him on theirs.

    • baconman

      Sorry, Psychopathic.

  • A13X

    YYYEEEEAAAA TECCH GO HARD Portland City of Rose’s waitin for you dog!! gunna be flyin high like im dyin pills lyin all aroun

  • xXxHaLeYxXx

    tech always keeps it real!!! can’t wait for this shit!!! >.<

  • Jamal Shane

    Tech 9 !!!!!!!!! 1 of THE best . word.

  • SAL

    N9NE SENT ME!!!

  • Dedic Deni

    Unfair? Yeah, it’s unfair that he stopped rappin’ all of a sudden :(

  • Kornfed

    Thats wats up ..cant wait for release

  • amd.beatz

    Tech, u the best man, looove ya Homie ;))

  • Masteroftuba3

    Damn it’s time some good music took over the airwaves!!! :D

  • Diego

    Techa sent me!N9ne is going HAM!

  • pouwe;

    TECH N9NE hells yeah

  • A-Low

    MUTHHHHAAAA FUKKKA!!! its my 10th tech show thiz year nigga and all i gotta say is everything u drop just keeps gettin better!! YADDDDAA!!! Whoa

  • Michael Caz Jacob


  • Graham

    Tech is always going hard– each album brings some new fire from Strange Music

  • KG

    Real spit homie! One of the best at his craft! oh yea…N9Ne sent me…

  • chuckstucka

    tech sent me over here to check out some new fire, and that is definitely that FIRE!! mad as fuck though its to short

  • huggiebear

    >.< just nutted

  • n9ne

    techhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh n9ne nigga u fuckin rock

  • King Murda

    I know you said never again but i want my King Of Darkness back, i aint happy or rich so fuck the dumb shit. Sex sells the mainstream, depression runs the underground.

  • Hoodrich

    this is why he is the best bitches!!

  • TiNaaa21o

    Ahaaa.. Tech is a DWaaM Beast!

  • Amanda

    so stoked to hear the new cd! We were looking forward to having you play en el paso but it was cancelled oh well much love tech

  • http://facebook BrothaBane

    N9NE Sent me aha

  • Nicci

    I am excited for the new album to drop! You are freakin’ so damn talented….I need a new album to be stuck on…You’re “All 6′s and 7′s” album has been in my cd player in my truck for like 3 months now. LoL. I love it! Can’t wait to go to the “Lost Cities Tour” in November….first time ever going to one of your concerts. I hope it is a great experience.

  • William

    Tech N9ne all fuckin day bruh! i slap tech no matter what country i get deployed to. Best music for military

  • Technician

    Holy tits this is beautiful

  • Drano

    Tech Sent me! Man, I love the music, haven’t heard a track from ya yet that I haven’t liked. You put talent and wordplay to the max in them all. You were the main reason I kept rapping, no more trying to keep up with the mainstream, just make sick tracks.

  • Cory Rabbit

    Holy shit, more tech!!! Just got the message from N9ne on facebook, so I had to come check this shit out. Glad as hell I did, I can’t wait for this one to drop!

  • NinjaTactics

    STRAAAAAAANGE!!!!! next month baby im taking me a little trip through strangeland!!!! cannot wait for that album, Tech the shit you spit leaves me with my wig split!!!

  • badman

    soooo sick i must have more this cant come out soon enough

  • **WiCCed*blue*eyez**

    yaadaa megn we put it down in that strangeland. you never fail us TECH! keep it up homie!

  • Alix

    I’m so stoked for Strangeland, but I want Kabosh! <33

  • ATCQ1000

    I was sent here by Tech N9ne!!! haha!!! dope track! I wanna hear the rest!

  • Zach

    Shits gonna be hot cant wait till that cd drops .TECH N9NE!!!! oh yea N9ne sent me

  • Jose TwentyThreeFlavors

    Ooooooooooooo shit boy tell me why that little preview was fuckin’ nuts…………. Oh yeah……….. N9NE SENT ME!!!!!!!!! TECHNICIANS!!!!!!

  • Dornee’ Gatewood

    That was tiight can’t wait for the release!!!!!

  • Lindsey Hutson

    Tech N9ne has NEVER ceased to amaze me!!!As the years pass & more & more albums drop, he just keeps getting better like good reefer left in a air tight jar!!! STRRAAAAANGE Music!!!

  • Psilocybe Guy

    Tech for life! N9ne sent me! haha.

  • .50 cal Society

    This Album is Gonna Make a Brotha Say DWAM ! Ya know what im sizzlin’!!! :D

  • Jake

    YEAHH!!!!!!! Can’t wait till the Collabos album. N9ne sent me !! TECHNICIAN!!!!!

  • NorthWestSmoker360


  • tommy bronx

    n9ne sent me 2 cant wait to peep that shit, already know its gonna be full of bangers, keep it up strange

  • Ez

    Respect Tecca Nina u number one rapper!

  • Ez

    i forgot to say TECCA SENT ME!

  • Yahzick

    Wat up N9NE? Love wat you are doing. Love wat you do. Hopefully we can work together on something one day. My mixtape is dropping soon. Much love – Yahzick.

  • charles

    this sounds crazy were all living in a strangeland haha

  • Niva N Tanna

    cheah!! thats badass..

    SLC nov 8th n 9th!! see u there!!


  • Joeyt

    This is sick

  • Don Jish Macadocious

    N9 SENT ME. Lookin forward to it, Tech! Happy early birthday (AND SHOW SOME LOVE, make the pre-order shirts XXL)



  • Mac3

    Fuckin sick Tech can’t wait

  • http://? wyhklihwr

    n9ne sent me :D

  • freelarryhoover

    all day heat the winter will b a warm one

  • Robert Klein

    Tech is not trying to get machine gun kelly on Strangeland…that was never said anywhere….Strangeland is Strange Music and Strange Music affiliates only.

  • AC

    Tech send me. =)

  • Richard fuckin Parker

    Yeah boiiii! Technicians!

  • AC


  • mt choppa

    nothin suprisin. just tech killin it again FTI Strange music is MUSIC!!!!

  • jgee

    this should get leaked so i can bump it in my dorm

  • Kel’s

    That was fire! Ill be expecting the fire when you come to seattle in November!

  • colin

    straight fire ass beat!!!! Strange! Tech sent me

  • Ryan Stroup

    Damn that shit was hella sick dude !!! Keep it Strange !

  • Jeff Hamm

    Tech N9ne! nothing like it.. get thizzled for this shizzle! High in the Air

  • http://Facebook Megan DeMelo

    Tech N9ne you fucking rock
    keep coming out wit the sick shit you do!!!

  • http://fb Shelby Strange

    N9ne sent me ;) lol , STRANGELAND BABY! thas where ichoose to reside!! , neva changin’ ♥ F>A>N>S *

  • Matteo


  • http://Facebook Megan DeMelo

    Oh yeah And Fucking Sick ass tech N9ne sent me hell yeah baby

  • Mary

    what a beaast ! cant wait

  • Chris

    N9ne sent me… Technician 4 lyfe…

  • Lbosski

    Yo, Nina sent me and I’m here to tell you .. “MR. KILLER KILLER/ QUICK 2 GET WITCHA” NEEDS A MUTHAFUcKIN COVER…… KAY. EYE. EL. EL. E to the r uh dot (bang!) just ain’t fair, that when I pop up the spot be like YEAH!

  • Ammo865

    Tech sent me hear to tell u that this shit is all about strange strange music! SHIT IZ REAL !

  • Catlin

    That was dope!! Cant fuckin wait

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve been a Tech fan for 10+ years. Daaa DaDaDa….TECHN9NE! IM LOVIN IT!

  • Cliff

    can’t wait for the new album!.. Tech hasn’t disappointed me yet and im pretty sure he doesn’t plan too lol

  • E

    I’ve been telling people for years that Tech is the best rapper alive. Not just saying that couse I’m from the town.

  • TaLoNT

    That was some bad ish sir! I’m looking forward to it. I would love to do a video for you bro han!

  • dgaf technician



    N9NE sent me, cant wait for this to drop….shits gonna be fire as usual.

  • Tech Sent me

    Tech does it again. Friggin off the chain. The man puts out quality album after album. World Wide Choppers!

  • Tom

    Super excited for the album. Damn 2 albums in 1 year. That’s how Tech does it.

  • ethan

    yes cant wait for this. preordering next week

  • Anaru Shaw

    HOLEY SHIT, He Goin in hard! once again

  • No Face

    Trippy beat, I’m digging it.
    And the vocals as usual, dope!

  • Elbow.Macaroni.Bitch

    so SICK with it! i wanna have a baby by tech – become the ultimate TeChNiCiAn! …..Am i a psycho?!

  • Kathy Sutherland

    My son loves your music and He got me hooked big time love your songs and cant wait till your new album comes out.I know your gonna be in Boise Idaho November 6th.I’m hopeing to save some to take my son and my daughter hope we can make it to see you.I know He would be floored to see you…..

  • http://xxlMAG.COM STUNTSZ!!!

    ill as fuck my nigga tech!

  • KillaJay

    of course its fire thats the only thing that comes out of techa nina …. and gotta sho the love for Scorpios

  • Techn9cian58

    THIS SONG IS GOING TO BE SO AWSOME!!! I have litterally watched this vid close to 50 times today!!!


  • Seth


    XXL needs to give Tech the cover now!!!! He deserves it more than anyone in the game (or the history of the game!) BEST TO EVER DO IT!

  • Jimmy B

    Cant wait to see some of this shit live! on November 12 at the Filmore. So you can once again Blow my mind, and leav me hungover the next day! Strange Music All Day All Night! HC.

  • Sickness

    Wow.. beat is sick, flow is unbelievable

  • Ben

    I am sad I didn’t get to see him when he came to KC :*( this is gonna be the shit though!

  • Tim

    you a demon!! I want me sum more you sick bastard!

  • Scott

    I think my ears just found their happiness. I need more! Now! Damn it Tech. I’ve already started my countdown til the second it drops. Preorder Bitches!

  • RECK

    Tech N9ne is the GREATEST rapper ALIVE!

  • kdizzle

    ces cru is on strange now

  • mike s

    sounds fire can’t wait to here the whole album

  • maddie


  • suga

    sooooo sick! best rapper.

  • Money Mitch

    It does kinda seem like Tech distanced himself from Psychopathic which is shitty. First time i ever heard of tech is when i saw him on the wicked wonka tour and so did a lot of his other fans and they put on for him and showed him love. But i will say the only song he did with icp fuckin’ sucked! Not just icp or tech the whole song fuckin’ sucked!! But Tech n9ne and twiztid together is a garaunteed winner everytime! Although violent j did wreck shit on the Psypher!!

  • Neil Becker

    Tech should collab with Skrillex. That would define loud.

  • kane


  • del rogers

    let me finish that tech:
    and they’ll most definitely be resting in sleep when I creep leavin their sheets bloody red with the heat now thats fire
    down on their ass yeah Im that damn guy’a put em in the drier after i wash my hands of them now whos slier
    I ask whos better than the tech’a nina you besta say nobody not even a fuck’n cold copy drinkin jack with their razor riddled cold body why you don’t want none cuz you cant model
    the style that we bring up front to their whole huddle is so strange they will muddle attempting to cuddle their mommies titties cause they scared duddle
    I mean diddle fuck em up not just a little but a lot bring what you got and like a wet match you will fizzle
    strange music is the damn dizzle ya’ll best recognize Kansas City is what we drizzle you will bleed from our deed bringing the heat through your top window
    I am deltharealdeal and I’m down with that fukn tech-nizzle the clown the beast the king of Kansas City I know what the damn deal is
    shit is the realist industry bitches don’t know where their next meal is cause they went broke not signing the tech to their top twenty hit list its
    a damn shame better get up on this damn game strangeland all over the world now that’s technicians true fame.
    Del Rogers

  • Skitzo

    FUCKING BEAST!!! plane and simple.

  • Kumar

    Haha that shit was firee

  • chris

    that got me hyped !!! N9NE

  • monique

    hes the shit and i love his music and vidos dam i cant wait to see him down here in vegas whoopwhoop

  • 209

    that was fuckin bullshit.teasin ass mofo.haha.sound sick wit though.

  • dffg


  • young bugs

    TECh.. you gotta work with SERJ TANKIAN!!!

  • Technician#1

    Aww man that verse was fire! Can’t wait for this album. When I say Tech you say N9ne. TECH!

  • lady


  • Ethan

    CCHHHHAA! The Tecca Nina has done it again! What do u expect though u know? *N9ne growl* hahaha.



  • aluhnaye

    #1 independent rapper

  • aaron darnell

    1 0 0

  • james brown

    that was hot ass hell

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