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  • Hube

    skrew this continuing to happen..i dont really care about lloyd banks that much, but Tyler needs to stop getting cool with rappers cuz hes a damn freak

  • js


  • fufag

    hube go fuck yourself who gives a shit how weird he is as long as hes got fans and good music

  • no, F U

    but he doesnt have good music……….

  • RicksDaRuler

    PLK got bars for days, to say Banks don’t make good music is just pure hating. Its probably 3 n!gga’s in the game that can really spit right now and Banks is one of them.

  • Dancy

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  • Hi Hater

    Tyler and Banks never expected this shit otherwise its all good just dont collaborate ok?

  • francis nasim

    me n nipsey king banks!!!! “hey i remember when the re-up dropped n the hardest thin about it was your picture wit one eye slidin in jail garment sly-i respect you.-that song fifty do “ride on the roller coaster jus move to the side—homey get on an ride-it goes up n down”… you know the one.or on blood money feat tony yayo-i call it vitamin have a wonderful life on my ipod.peace to you all

  • RuReady

    I liked tyler when he made bastard etc but its like he’s gone moree corny and i’m younger then him yet he plays of being a Teen. Rap now nd probalby back in the day cuz internet cudnt expose it is just WWF (fake) thres probly less than 5 real rappers nd thts thorughouht hisory nd present day. I love the music but whats happened to the art ?