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  • JCEE

    Wayne you don’t make rock music you make mainstream shit with the same rhymes and song ideas on loop sorry. Plus your close to 30 leave the skating to the teens and young adults or vetrens that can do it.

  • Spittin Tha Real

    Dumbass junkie.

  • Alec Eaglin

    Is this nigga serious? You said all that to say what Dwayne?

  • sergio530

    kanye is weird, but talented . lil wayne is weird and ignorant. Stick to what you are known for, c4 was decent promote it and keep moving.

  • Messiah

    Niggaz hatin on this video is the reason why wayne raps what he raps, dey don’t wanna hear the truth

  • realrap

    i respect him more now. he just goes hard in everything

  • soowoo

    lil waynes a g, haha haters

  • igotacos

    This makes me respect him on a whole nother level. His music is decent, but i alwayz thought he was an idiot. He actually is an intelligent idividual who makes music for dumb people

  • the brown

    Yo! Lil Wayne is nice wit it! Makes sense; I mean it ain’t nothin any logical grown person hasn’t already concluded, but it’s good to hear him speak on it. However, that credit card is the Devil, it’s pure evil and it’s one of the main reasons “WE, the people” are struggling and are enslaved by our government. Weezy, you ought to be ashamed for that one.

  • boxlokz

    wayne telling the speaking the thruth on this video…..ppl do stuff cuz they see other ppl…ppl now in day dont do shit for themself they do it for other ppl…. respect to wezzy….


    weezy keep doing you feemee! damn i feel bad for the haters on here… making yourselves look silly. anyway im up next from da west BUMP MY shiit ^^^^click on my name^^^^^^^ thanks!

  • http://google enyenge njoh ndeley sharon

    dear wayne you have been my greatest idol ever since i was concieved.
    let no comment bring you down .
    you are my semi god and the best rapper alive i wish to be like you when i am grown love your songs and your ego .
    you are the best by that i mean, the super best rapper alive.
    my greetins to the rest of the group love you.