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    this is sooooooo fuken lame really is there not any other interesting marketing ideas dead this jus like beefn for jus attention like broads at the lunch table remember them days hearing bvitches talking bout nothing KIDS DO NOT CHOOSE THIS OLD ASS PLAYED OUT MARKETING IDEA LETS DEAD IT WAYNE LOOKS AT JAY LIKE A GOD LOL HOVA SO LETS NOT FOLLOW THIS BS


      @landmine ent…….Really my dude hip-hop is based off of battles. Its not a beef if you need to be reminded of what beef is listen to biggie life after death. Lets get real here yall new school ladies is on some bitch shit. either way jay too old and wayne kiss dudes in the mouth!


        i love life after death,, tellm blanco sentcha……

  • black jesus

    the video dosnt work for me. did he cry like after ether?

  • Sha

    My personal opinion? This supposed beef isn’t something I want to see. Weezy is definitely not in the same category as Jay-Z. Lyrically or financially.

    It’s not like the Nas Vs. Jay-Z battle. That battle was epic! You had two lyrical cats who wanted to sit at the head of the table. That was good for hip-hop.

    But this????

    Weezy is rap’s most popular artist. Sales-wise. That can’t be disputed. But I can name over 10 different artists that can whip his ass on the mic. And that’s no bullsh*t.

    Plus…. For me? Lil Wayne doesn’t meet the criteria of a top-notched emcee. I know a million dudes would disagree but I have my own criteria for a “Legendary Emcee”.

    1. Has made one certified “Classic” album
    2. Over 5 Albums deep
    3. Has battled someone of equal or greater caliber on the national stage of Hip-Hop.

    In my opinion, if you haven’t hit all three of these, you can’t be in the same sentence as “Legendary Emcees”.

    Of course, there are exceptions to these rules. For one, Eminem. He hasn’t battled anyone worth a sh*t. But I can’t dispute the broken knee caps he put on the hip-hop game. But my only bone to pick with him is that he hasn’t battled anyone in the same vein as Nas Vs. Jay-Z.

    But Lil Wayne???? Nope.

    • AnteK

      Youre disrespecting sooooooooooo many dope mc’s right now that the shit aint even funny, do you seriusly have 2 battle someone to be a legendary mcee according to you? so if youre a nice dude you cant reach the top? So Method man ODB and nobody from the Wu-Tang are considered legendary in your book huh? Mos def, Talib kweli? 5 albums deep so im guessing you aint a fan of cats who put out quality over quantity … No disrespect your opinions but your criteria is bullshit


        Its all good we all are intitled to our opinion so go for yours! I really dont think you have to battle to be a legand but in order to be a lyrical legand than yes i would say so! All though just because you are lyrical doesnt meen you are a legand. I dont know if you remember how wayne used to rap back with The Hot Boyz/CashMoney but he never had double time on the rhymes untill he started paying for the help(Just ask Gillie Da Kid) JUSTSAYING im out ive waisted enough of my time


      @Sha..listen son..regardless on what u rPERSONAL opinion is on Wayne, he the man right now, and he runs the RAP GAME…he can spit, he can sell and he deserves the #1 spot…im tierd of people sayin that beef is above camel face, wayne is what jay use to be 10 years ago. If you ask me, wayne doesnt need to prove nothing, cause jay audience is 45 and over. two different markets these cats appeal to..

      • yeahright

        change your name to the lie. wayne isnt number one with baby buying his music. the homosexual isnt even a great rapper. no substance no real skills. played out metaphors. we get it life is a bitch and you gonna fuck it. good job weezy i learned how to do simple word play in middle school. lil wayne has never ever been on jay z level. get a tongue ring

    • Nam

      I 100 percent agree

    • Mei

      Fuck Weezy’s Gremlin looking ass. He’s garbage and not legendary and never will be. He’s on his second 15 min. of fame and this time jumped on the pop wagon and white boy kicks to get them sales. Had he stayed on his N.O. he would’ve been done 10 min ago. His lyrics are the same just recycled over an old macdonald flow. He’s garbage and will never be a classic like Jay. He’s not even better than Memph Bleek. Yeah, I said it and would put money on it too. Weezy had months to respond and threw a shot when he was dropping an album. WTF Ever. And Jay gave y’all the battle already with his reply – twice – on H.A.M. and Mr. Nice Watch and killed that bullshit that Gremlin said. He only gets 1 bar – fuck that nigga! Beyonce can do a song and merk this lightweight. Niggas confusing sales with real skills SMH.

  • http://n/a jondoe

    Man f*ck all that…i aint saying wayne better than Jay, but I will say lyrically wayne is close in calibur to him…just because he dont rap on a serious note often like jay is really why yall trippin if wayne was born with a silver spoon in his mouth then so be it he just enjoying life. u dont have to rap about the struggle to be great 7 BY THE way “THE CARTER 2″ is a classic & wayne is like 8 albums deep with about 12 mixtapes you do the math

  • D

    Dude said “5 albums deep”! You know how many dope MC’s are a)not quite 5 deep or b) 5 albums deep but only 1 or 2 are any good! Who’s 3 Stacks beefin with? With his 1 solo album. Beefs are not a neccessity either! AZ, meets the 5 albums deep criteria, but not all of them are classics (Doe or Die is a classic to SOME) guess he’s no good. Big Daddy Kane got 2-3 good albums and 2 or so horrific ablums but is a top MC of all time bar none. You might wanna change your “criteria” KRS!

  • Dizzy

    Its very simple, Jay was bored, needed some attention and he knew that by taking shots at Birdman he would get Wayne’s attention, who is at the moment killing it in the game of Hip Hop.

    Wayne, being Birdman’s protege had to response, he HAD to. Even though he respects and knows that Jay is greater than him on some levels.

    But anyway, its a huge marketing tool for both parties.
    But really a beef between Lil Wayne and Jay-Z is a joke, lyrically Jay is stronger, he would smash Wayne, no doubt about it, he is old school he knows how to actually make sick raps, Wayne is a new generation, with these new kind of beats and funky sound effects.

    The era when 2pac was here, and real/deep Rap music was produced is gone, now its a different generation.
    I personally miss 2pac, those were lyrics…

  • WeezyFan

    Okay Too Me Wayne Is The Best Alive, Yes I Do Like Jay Z, But Wayne Is The Best Too Me. Yeah 2pac Etc. Is Better Dwayne Looks Up To Them Not To Jay Z. This Little Beef Wait I Wouldnt Even Call It That , This Little Problem Was Only Between Baby & Jay, But Sense You Know Baby Is Wayne “Dad” He Had To Come Back With Something. Over All Wayne Is Better To Me Than Jayz Even Though Im A Fan Of Both. Weezy Has Along Way To Go Jay Is Already Is Like What 40? Weezy Is Only 29 An Already At The Top, I Just Hope He Doesnt Stop At 35 .

  • King Jacc

    People love to see others go at it…..It’s all fun and games until somebody gets their head split. R.I.P. Scott la Rock, Tupac,Christopher,Freaky Ty, Mac Dre

  • mutada mullah atari

    Jay is a bitch. Look, I love Jay as an MC, HE HAS A # OF STUPID CLASSIC SONGS and The BP is a certified classic. But he just said it himself in the video rap is about competition and to compete you need to complete at all levels. If he still wants to compete then he needs to fucking compete and stop acting like he is to good to respond. Fuck that “not on my level” bullshit, Jay is afraid of losing, it has nothing to do with someone not being on his level. The old Jay competed…. when Jayo-Felony (a nobody even out here in the west) dissed him, he responded (marcyville), he went after JAZ-O AND thats guy put him on, Mob Deep, etc. None of these dudes were “on his level”, dude was a legend even at that time. I’m not saying he needs to respond to every fuck who throws are bar, but when you got 50 Cent, Benie Siegal, Lil Wayne, Cam throwing shots and you aint got a word to say, on record. This niggas scared because these young dudes would wear his old ass out.


    you all are craZy just caaaaallm down lol, homies its just competition thats IT dont any of you play sports?? fuuck dont u go hard against even a homie?? any way BUMP my shit^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^(my “name”)^^^^^^^

  • Anthony “Spade” Parrish

    HELLLLOOOOO????? ya’ll all know this is a bullshit competition between two rappers who realized that nobody else, except eminem, is even in their tax bracket and has the skills they do… So what do they do? feed off of each other!!! you ever heard the saying “If you can’t beat ‘em…join ‘em” ? besides, ain’t nobody tryna fuck with the white boy…that’s a problem noone wants to deal with

  • Muechlemorder

    Jay-Z doesn’t have to respond, cuz you aren’t obligated to beef anytime. you can do your solo and say fuck everybody when your a nobody or number #1. None of us has a right to talk about when someone is allowed to diss someone or not. They’re the one’s playing chess and we’re just watching.

  • bullets

    lil wayne is a decent rapper that has no classic LP’s and thats all im going to say about that…. and @mutada mullah atari nigaz really aint on hov level you said it yourself he was a legend before lil wayne was allowed to curse and he battled other legends in real life fuck the media your talking about source magazine radio bs no rapper that exists now could have existed back then on a skill level 50 cent isnt nice at all, beanie is boring and stuck on that rocafella bs. wayne and cam are just wack well atleast Cam is, as far as rap is concerned

  • Mr. West

    If its “sport” then give GAME his shot “champ”

  • prettynana43

    Hey Jay! He is so amazingly brilliant<n definitely a force 2reckon with! #KeepShiningNStayBlessed! :*


    Its a loot of foolishness in these comments.

    1. If jay is scared then why did he throw the jab with the line. and peep the line. in jayz line he spits fact and he hit him with a pac man blow. Wheezy line is a respone and who da hell really think wayne would kidnapp bey metaphorically physically or in anyway? More imporantly, wayne spent two bars acknowledging he paid attention to Jay line felt the blow and only responded with a fake diss. Come on son.

    If u battlin and dude “supposedly” has the crown, u go for a man’s head.

    2. people swear jayz lost a step. Have yall listened to WTT BP3 AG? each of these albums got lyrical jewels on them and they did numbers in this climate. But hold up…dude concerts are in arenas and filled to capacity. come on

    3. Sha is right with his critera. U non hip hop heads don’t realize that the wu battled. Hell, jayz had legendary battles with the wu. Battling is an aspect of hip hop and until recent it was a major critera. A while back a punk hip hop artist ended the career of a young up and coming hip hop artist and this is when the battlign stopped.

    Legendary status is something you earn. Its earned over time. Its earned over creditinals.

    Finally, who da hell have u heard wayne battle period? In fact, if u trace lil homies rap career u’ll see he battles himself and his ghost writers more than anything.

  • pacakins

    e know go better for all of una!

  • breed

    fuck jay-z no no dnt fuck jay-z……………………look wat weezy done to his scared ,sorry .defeated ass ………………..weezy got rap as he said ”i got rap wrap up like a gift” jay is just jay and wayne is wayne the best rapper alive

  • el_thrillz

    Coming at Jay-z was a wrong carreer move for Lil wayne…i pity him. Jay-z would kill him and the entire YMCM clique in one verse.u should have stuck to ur sorry bars weezy. JAY KILLS :LEGENDARY STATUS!

  • el_thrillz

    That was some pathetic bars from lil wayne to call a diss to someone of Hov’s calliber,couldnt he just use his own bars other than rephrasing Jay’s rhymes? Ooops! He couldnt! The dumb ass knew Jay told the truth. (He got baby money)

  • Kossy

    Every lytweigth wans tobe heavy weight,so heavy weights gota show lytweigthers how to be a heavy weight,and retire with d crown.

  • puluc

    y’all folks can comment al u can…no 1 can spit them lyrics like jigger, wayne lil babe in nappies…his shit stinks, no homo

  • lil wayne

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  • Stillmakingmo’money

    Its gud… Hov is da efn best/beast compared 2 dwayne.. Bt hs scared of his lil cuz ass.. Da old jay lol i mean youngling jay wld hv respond diffrntly 2 baby., i mean its nt neccsary 2 involve yeezy on watch da throne,jay shld hv jst done it all by himslf.. Any who thnx jay u da best de is.


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