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J. Cole's 25 Coldest Lines


The official numbers aren't in yet, but if J. Cole really does move somewhere around a quarter million units of Cole World: The Sideline Story in its first week, it'll be a staggering debut from a commercial standpoint for this climate. Without much radio play, Cole's album was able to sell because the North Carolina native's fan base is a passionate one, excited to see the Roc Nation signee's first official retail project finally hit shelves. In the last few years, he's been able to gain those followers thanks to his versatility as an artist—not only does he produce his own tracks, but the former XXL Freshman's lyrical prowess is top tier. Imagery, storytelling, honesty, metaphors and braggadocio are all crucial elements of Cole's style. In honor of his recent release, XXL looks back at the rhymer's catalog to offer J. Cole's 25 Coldest Lines. —XXL Staff


25. “Even them White girls tryna be my princess/But I only fuck with sisters like incest” —“Throw It Up,” The Come Up

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24. "I'm finding the more I grow, the most y'all seem to stay the same/don't even know the rules ,but yet y'all trying to play the game" —“Lights Please,” The Warm Up


23. “This my New Years resolution, dawg, no more pork in me/Uh, I ain't no Muslim, though/Caron Butler, I'm a Wizard if ya doesn't know/It's young Simba, I'm ballin' 'til the buzzer blow/You try and kick the shit I kick you gon' stub your toe” —“The Autograph” Friday Night Lights


22. “Words flowing like magic, it’s truly accurate/You niggas posing like some hoes up in a beauty pageant/Nobody touching me, it’s like I got the cooties rapping” —“Unabomber”


21. "I step over piranhas, death over dishonor/They killin' niggas for Js, that's death over designer"—“Nobody's Perfect,” Cole World


20. “The mind state of a winner/When you thinkin' 'bout summertime, I'm thinkin' 'bout the winter/When you thinkin' bout breakfast, I'm heatin' up my dinner/I was plottin' this moment back when y'all was ridin' spinners” —“Who Dat”


19. “Boy look, these niggas quote my lines like the Lord’s book/You niggas less rhymes more hooks/More bucks but less love/You hear them drums, ?uestlove/No Roots, I’m so truth” —“Relaxation,” Higher Learning Vol. 2


18. "On instrumentals I'm Kimbo, slicing on any tempo/I'm busting like many pimples on the temple/Go hard like I seen some nipples on Beyonce/No disrespect to Hov but if I didn't I'd be beyond gay" —“I Really Mean It”

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17. “Look all he wanted was a deal so when he got it he just faded/But tell me whats a deal when you want to be the greatest?/So Jay I appreciate it, hell of a stepping stone/Wonder if he see it in my eyes Im trying to get the throne/Wonder if the people know how many nights I spent alone/Making beats, writing rhymes, thinking deep, fighting time/Getting better but wasn’t getting younger/And all that time can make the most confident nigga wonder/But never doubt it or allowed that shit to phase me yo/Just switch my thoughts up like the stations on the radio/Nigga now I am” —“Last Call,” The Warm Up

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16. “I’m I’ll enough to kill cancer, baby I’m Chemo/Down in Miami, and I throw like Marino/Get a whole lot of you know, and she bald like an eagle/No, not up top, but down there/She said she want to hop on top girl I don’t care/You better get yours before I reach mines cause then I’m throwing peace signs” —“Back To The Topic,” Friday Night Lights


15. “Live by the trigger, ’cause no father figure/Means you don’t got a nigga comin’ ’round to guide a nigga/All you got is mama bringin’ home these rotten niggas/Blowin’ reefers, all the teachers do is ride a nigga/So this is who I speak fo’/To give the young niggas somethin’ they could reach fo’/You better dream” —“Return of Simba”


14. “Born alone, work alone, die alone/Hot fire like Dy-lan/Bitches get their dial on/Fake niggas get dial tones/I ain't no Viacom nigga/I'm a fire arm, nigga/Look how I alarm niggas/Watch my dough pile on 'til it's like a mile long/Niggas couldn't fill my shoes, couldn't even try 'em on/Showed your lil' ass look, that's how you take it/Two-facing niggas, couldn't tie my shoe laces, boy” —“The Last Stretch”

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13. "Some say that rap's alive, it turns out that i'm the proof/Cause the ones y'all thought would save the day can't even tie my boots/The ones y'all thought could hang with me can't even tie my noose/Let these words be my bullets nigga, I don't rhyme I shoot, bang!" —“Rise and Shine,” Cole World

J. Cole x Skull Candy Roc Nation Secret Show 4040 Club, NYC 06.16.10 [via ErnestEstime]055

12. “My punchlines like gut checks/I'm raw dog/I'm rough sex/I'm on deck/I'm up next/I'm godbless/I'm success/So fuck stress/You can get the fuck from around me/And if you listening know you wondering where the fuck they found me/I'm from the ville boy” —“Beautiful Bliss,” Attention Deficit

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11. “I run the town/They tried to call me underground/I spun around like, 'You wish'/Homie my backpack Louis, now watch just how I do this/I got the nerds rappin' hard shit, dummies rappin' smart shit/Mozart meets Humphrey Bogart with this from the heart shit” —“Dollar and a Dream III,” Cole World: The Sideline Story


10. “So yeah I’m Simba in a sense I’m the Prince/You imposters no Mufasas but there's Oscars for you gents/When I say I'm better then you niggas don't mean no offense/But is clear wit’ no tints, man just check the fingerprints/You'll see we not the same/I got a shit list wit’ lotsa names/And plus hit list of rappers I’ma cock and aim” —“Gladiators,” May 25th


9. “My momma told me to speak like you got a college degree/You see I can, but I won't/Cause I'm saying what I want/Plus this slang that I speak don't change that I'm deep as the throat on a certified freak” —“Can I Live” The Warm Up


8. “Fuck it, everybody can get it/When you’re this hot, everybody’s a critic/But when you’re this high, everybody’s a midget/All this mean mugging from niggas that mean nothing/Could it be my position is one that you dreamed of?” —“Looking For Trouble,” Friday Night Lights


7. “They on my dick, man, I should throw a condom on/Ay, ’cause a nigga comin’ raw like I ain’t got one on/And I ain’t stoppin’ or coppin’ no pleas, I just lock and load, squeeze/Dawg, I’m on a higher level, I’m on top of nosebleeds/Niggas say the sick, but when they rock they don't sneeze” —“Just Begun,” Revolutions Per Minute

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6. “I yearn for that livin' large, but mama I ain't done yet/Sit back and watch your son rise, kick back and know your son set” —“Beautiful Bliss,” Attention Deficit


5. “Real niggas hustle by using they intuition/While these fake niggas ain't about doing, they into wishing” —“Dead Presidents,” The Come Up


4. “Nobody taught us how to cook still niggas a grill, no Foreman/Try not to call them ladies Bs but them hoes swarmin'/Now honey/Ay, is it destiny or is it money? You're feelin'/Heard rumors of a deal and now you thinkin'/A million/Pardon my paranoid mind but I'm starin' in the mirror livin' in fear that things'll never be the same” —“Dead Presidents II,” The Warm Up


3. “The best rapper since Lil Wayne in classes/The best bachelor since Bruce Wayne with his bat shit/Masterd this rap shit/You hear the words coming from my lips, bastards/I never crack, I got that chapstick/I practiced til that shit made perfect and served it to the people on a silver platter/Now where/s the ladder?/Cause either you gonna whine or climb, I chose the latter/Know you haters is pissed, hold your bladder, though” —“Just To Get By,” The Warm Up


2. “Clever with it, my flow like a devil spit it and heaven sent it/So high if I dropped I would fall for 11 minutes/So yea, I operate on a higher plain, my thoughts take a higher train/It's dope, then you should know the suppliers name/It's J. Cole, set of horns and a halo/And all these Jose Cansecos wanna text-us like Waco/It's hard to remain faithful, niggas be throwing hate/Yo I'm in a league of my own so what the fuck would I play fo'?” —“Dead Presidents II,” The Warm Up

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1. “The flow cold as the shoulders of gold-digging hoes when a broke nigga 'proaches/Told you I'm focused man/I'll let you muthafuckas soak it in” —“Star Is Born,” Blueprint 3