Hip-Hop Reacts to Rick Ross’s Health Issues

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    Earlier today (Friday), Rick Ross suffered a seizure while on a flight, causing the aircraft to make an emergency landing. After he was taken to the hospital and treated, Rozay recovered enough to leave, tweet to confirm that he was doing alright, and was even planning on going through with his scheduled concert tonight in Memphis. However, it was reported that Ross suffered another seizure while aboard a private jet en route to that show. Again, it has been reported that he was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. Hip-hop has been voicing its collective concern for Ricky through Twitter throughout the day. Everyone from 50 Cent to Russell Simmons to Drake has sent thoughts in his direction. As <em>XXL</em> wishes the Bawse a full and speedy recovery, we've compiled some of the tweets of well wishes from the community.
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  • t

    I luv u baby i’m prayin 4 a speedy recovery.Be strong and know it’s only a smoke screan to try to stop you and slow you down.I bet it’s only you in the process of getting in shape to stay healthy to be the HAPPY,HEALTHY,TRILLIONIARE.YOU ARE MISSED GET WELL TAKE YOUR TIME DON’T RUSH WE KNOW YOU WORRIED ABOUT YOUR FANS BUT BABY IT’S TIME FOR RICK TO DO RICK .TAKE A BREAK THE MONEY IN THE BANK.YOU CAN BET THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.SEE U AFTER BREAK LATER.TRINA

  • 305reprezentah!

    Shout-Out to the BAUWSCE!!!!!! I hope you get better soon, so you can continue to shit on everybody. ”F” all you Rozay haters…..this a real nicca. I’m writing straight outta Miami’s Coconut Grove,much respect to the BOSS. Get well soon..

  • Desmondtheboss

    Get back up to your game BAWSE we need you alive in no time. The streets cant wait to hear you tearing those beats apart. HUUGGGG!!!!!!!!! BOSSSSSS!!!!!!

  • bz



    this nigga needs to lay of the KFC. to much fried chicken ain’t good for ya mah nigga

  • ms. ross(lisa)

    rick i dont know who these haters is sweet heart, but stop by alabama and pick me up so i can take care of you. Thats how much i love my ricky. I hope that I will see you in person one day, to show you how much i care for you. And to the one saying you over weight fuck them. i really dont cuss like that, but when they talking about my ricky, i will get ghetto on they ass. i love you so much. god is going to take care of my husband. Stop by montgomery and come get me and we can be in love forever.

    • $yk

      not only is this not funny, it’s straight stalker stan talk. On everything I hope this ain’t real.

  • lakey j

    keep your head up Bawse!!!

  • JugularKill

    I don’t think it’s health as in “weight” issues.

    He needs to stop smoking, drinking etc. Anything that f**ks with his brain in that surreal sense.

    Prodigy has some issues, he takes good care of himself.

    Ross needs to step up and play his part.


    • $yk

      Prodigy is said to have sickle cell…Ross is not known to have any ailments. Not a good comparison.

  • dream killa

    rozay man hang in there i hope you get better but me and my SBO family is praying 4 u nigga stay healthy hoping to get on a track with u
    stay strong
    dream killa

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  • gouda8732

    Dis da big homie “T” out of LV but im from da south BAMA keep ya head up an get well big homie and stay PRAYED UP$$$$$$$$ BOSSSSS .

  • zay

    get better not to fast the rap game needs rappers who cant rap to sit down take advantage of this real rap fans no more same beats and heavy breathing on tracks wack rhymes this delays at least 12 more tracks he might have been on get better just dnt do music forever lol hes destroying the base of an art

  • alexus tha great

    May God Bless you, get ya health together my man, life is to short and you cant go out to some dumb shit, so get sum rest…HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER LOVE AND TAKE IT EASY….U STILL REMAIN A GREAT RAPPER

  • akinbinu

    get well soon rozay…..God is ur strength……..

  • rap_cat

    no more big macs for you

  • natasha morris

    It didn’t say heart attack stupid asses it said seizures so for all the comments about the food fall back…this is serious and it shouldn’t be taken lightly prayers go out to you rick…much love

  • dj bird

    yow wish you get better rick ross we from jamica you the boss

  • http://defjamdigital mack felon

    i remember you said you was the next nigga to blow nobody believed you hahahah. i love you in 50. but im the next nigga to blow !!!!remember my name mack felon


    Honey get well soon so i can feel you inside me again.am in mexico right now on a business trip.i will see u when i get back.luv u loads..:-)