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Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon’s Rap References


Standing 7 ft. tall, NBA legend Hakeem Olajuwon is considered one of basketball's greats. Ringing bells in the sports world during his illustrious career, the former center continues to do the same in the hip-hop world, as he is constantly referenced in rhymes. Last week, Rick Ross unleashed his blazing street banger, "I Love My Bitches" in which he boasts, "Come along, money longer than Olajuwon." It doesn't stop there. "The Dream" was also name-checked by Slaugterhouse's Joell Ortiz this week during the Shady 2.0 BET Hip Hop Awards cypher where he spit, "Man all these Olajuwons, we the dream team/This is an all day slaughter." In light of these recent name-drops, XXLMag.com lines up Hakeem Olajuwon's many rap mentions.—XXL Staff

Da Lench Mob


“Don’t talk about Bird and all his scorin’/Cause I’ll say Magic, Ewing, Jordan/ Olajuwon, Isaiah and Barkley/Now bitch don’t start me”— Da Lench Mob “You & Your Heroes” Guerillas In the Mist (1992)

A Tribe Called Quest


“And in Queens, I be a legend like Richard Dean/Son, I gotta team that Hakeem couldn't dream”— A Tribe Called Quest ft. Consequence “Motivators” Beats, Rhymes and Life (1996)



"Mannerisms of a young Bobby DeNiro, spent spanish wisdoms in a whip with dinero/Crime organized like the Pharaoh, I cream/ I diamond gleam high post like Hakeem”—Jay-Z ft. Sauce Money & Big Jaz “Bring It On” Reasonable Doubt (1996)

Jermaine Dupri


“Y'all got one chance to flow I let y'all know/While y'all stretch your mouth I stretch my dough/Also stretch the doors on my Navigators/Long as the Olajuwon”—Jermaine Dupri ft. R.O.C. & Mr. Black “Three the Hard Way,” Life in 1472 (1998)

Big Daddy Kane


“They ride along just to guide you wrong/Play like they beside you strong, and start to faking moves like Olajuwon”— Big Daddy Kane “Shame!,” Veteranz’ Day (1998)

Ras Kass


“If a nigga don’t rhyme about crack, clothes, pussy and ’fedi/Eat a dick, that’s music to my balls/Like Gloria Estefan fuckin Hakeem Olajuwon”—Ras Kass “OohWee” Rassassination (1998)

Snoop Dogg


“Next stop in the court on Damon toast Stouda and my homeboy J.R. Rider/Minnesota Timberwolves, we cut 'em down/Hakeem Olajuwon and Scottie Pippen, we shut 'em down” —Snoop Dogg “Hoop Dreams (He Got Game)” No Limit All Stars Who U Wit? (1999)

Ghetto Dwellas


“Yo I'm the dream/Something like Houston with Akeem”—Ghetto Dwellas ft. Showbiz & A.G. “Get Dirty” (1999)



“The hood love it, so I gotta give it to 'em daily/I'm on the block, like Olajuwon and Ewing”—Canibus ft. DMP “I Gotcha”



“Eyes on the prize, Shawn knew I had to/Had to had to get these chips/Had to make moves like Olajuwon/Started out selling dimes and nicks”— Jay-Z “My 1st Song,” The Black Album (2003)



“Lauren London can get kissed on the lips/And Bill O'Reilly and Don Imus can get hit with a fist/Hakeem, I'm "The Dream", stop missing the swish”— Chamillionaire “Hero” Mixtape Messiah 4 (2008)

Lil Flip


“I'm from the state where the D-boys'll hide your son/My bullet proof block shots like Olajuwon”— Lil Flip & Young Noble “Where You From,” All Eyez On Us (2008)

Asher Roth


“I’m next on the table, who want what/I am champion, at beer pong/Allen Iverson, Hakeem Olajuwon”— Asher Roth “I Love College” Asleep in the Bread Aisle (2009)

Jay Electronica


“This that black Elohim Anunnaki rap/That Farrakhan Hakeem Olajuwon Qaddafi rap”—Reflection Eternal ft. Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def “Just Begun” Revolutions per Minute (2010)

Redman ft. Ready Roc


“Your money like Bob Green, my money like Yao Ming/Everybody gets scrilla on my team/We shine like high beams, the dream like Akeem”—Redman ft. Ready Roc “Coc Back” Reggie (2010)



“My flow a 38. don’t make me have to cock it back/Shoot it like Olajuwon and bring the old Rocket’s back”— Game “400 Bars” (2010)



“About to re-up on these losers, like they doing something/Hakeem Olajuwon in the flesh, yes, Chamillitary, lets go”—Chamillionaire “Rubber Bands Freestyle” (2011)

Rick Ross


“Soon as niggas start hatin’, start shootin’/Come along, money longer than Olajuwon”—Rick Ross “I Love My Bitches” God Forgives, I Don't (2011)

Joell Ortiz


“Probably writing bars to Nas’ Thief’s Theme getting my Yaowa on/Man, all these Olajuwons, we the dream team…”— Joell Ortiz (2011)