Game: Grown Man [Full Story from the October 2011 Issue]

“I had to reach out for Drake and Lloyd,” he continues.

“I already had Chris Brown, but the song he’s on is more inspirational. So it wasn’t catered toward the ladies. I had to
go back in and lighten it up a little bit.”

Now, with the right hue to his project, Game feels that R.E.D. has topped all his previous efforts. “I know there’s some people that say, ‘Game fell off.’ For all of those people, I can’t wait for you to hear this new album,” he says enthusiastically. “Dre is narrating the entire album. It’s five or six skits going through my life. It’s connected to the songs, on a time line throughout my
life, all the way into current-day Game. I asked Dre would he do that. I wrote out the script, and he did it. I cannot wait until people get a hold of this album and put it in. For me, I feel like I put everything I had into this album. It took me three years. And like I said, everything I had, I put in the album.”

For once, Game is right smack dab in the middle of a battle, and he won’t be saying one word. In fact, during this battle, Game will be all smiles, even when a fight breaks out. As part of his hosting duties with 106 & Park, he is asked to judge the show’s signature weekly event, “Freestyle Friday.” The reigning champ, Blessed, from the Bronx, is in the middle of methodically dismantling his challenger, the aptly named Go Hard Jetson, when, all of sudden, things get physical. Go Hard does exactly what his name indicates and knocks off Blessed’s fitted, then pushes him. Fed up, the week’s champ gives Jetson a “spear” football tackle that wrestler Bill Goldberg would be proud of. BET’s security immediately rushes on the set and separates the combatants. “Why do they have to do it on the day I’m hosting?” Game would later ask, on the way to his greenroom, with a half grin. “You know they gonna say somehow I started it. I didn’t have anything to do with this one.”

Game is known to have thrown a few shots of his own over the course of his career. Think back to his “G-Unot” campaign, against former boss 50 Cent and the G-Unit crew, starting in 2005, plus his smattering of darts at other MCs, such as Jay-Z and Joe Budden, over the years. In late July, he dropped a record called “Uncle Otis” in response to Kanye West and Hova’s hit “Otis,” taking yet another swipe at Jay-Z and a light, playful jab at Kanye West while also checking Kreayshawn for letting her homegirl say “nigger.”

While many in hip-hop thought Game was making a blatant plea for attention for his album, he says he was just having fun in the studio and really has no malice toward anybody he mentions in the song. Until the time comes when Game faces what he considers a worthy opponent in the studio, he says he’s very satisfied with his current place in hip-hop. He’s not the hot new kid on the block with the frenzied buzz anymore.

And he’s not the veteran sitting at the top of the rap hierarchy, either. “It was time when ’Pac and Big had died,” Game says, explaining how all artists’ roles in hip-hop eventually change. “Then Ja Rule and DMX had so many records. Then Jay took off. Then Ja Rule was the Drake at one time. Then DMX went to jail, and Ja Rule went to jail, and Jay is still in his iconic role. Me, I’m a chameleon. No matter where it goes or what it looks like or where it resurfaces, Game is always gonna be a chameleon. Hate it or love it.”

On June 21, Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond, the man who has managed Game since 2004, was arrested by DEA agents on a number of drug-trafficking charges, after more than a month on the lam. The week before that, convicted murderer Dexter Isaac accused Henchman of hiring him, in 1994, to rob Tupac Shakur at New York’s Quad Studios. And the New York Daily News reported last year that the music exec and owner of the Czar Entertainment management company was a federal informant. It’s tough for Game to see his mentor and friend face life in prison, but the often volatile MC claims he knows he cannot let Henchman’s dire legal situation debilitate his career. “I talked to Jimmy—he’s good,” Game says. “Without going into his situation unauthorized, I say that’s my dude. Got nothing but love for him, and I support him through everything. I encourage him to keep his head high and know that I always got his back no matter what.”

Game has kept Tony Martin, formerly of Czar Entertainment, to handle the day-to-day of his career, but Game says he makes his own decisions now. “We gonna keep on pushing, man,” he says. “I think, at this point, I’m capable of holding down the fort. I’m 31, a well-polished MC. I’m smarter, as far as the music business is concerned as a whole. A force to be reckoned with in the streets still. I’ma do my thing. I’m gonna hold it down with Jimmy in mind. But the clock don’t stop for no man. It won’t.”

Game is going to have to use all his business acumen very soon. After The R.E.D. Album drops, he’ll owe Interscope just one more LP, and then he’ll be able to get his LeBron James on and explore free agency. On R.E.D.’s “The City,” he speaks of joining the Cash Money Millionaires once he fulfills his contractual obligations: “Could that be the reason that Baby said he would pay me more?/I still owe Jimmy one more album.”

“I might be taking my talents to South Beach, too,” Game says with a grin, referring to LeBron James’s infamous “decision” to play for the Miami Heat. South Beach is also the new headquarters for all things Cash Money. “We would love to have him,” the head of the YMCMB family, Baby, said when asked about the possibility of bolstering his roster with his Left Coast brother in colors. “He’s a friend of the family. He’s cool with me. My son is cool with him. We would love to have him.”

Despite being welcomed with open arms and, apparently, open bank-vault doors by Baby and Lil Wayne, Game does admit a certain loyalty to the Interscope/Geffen family. Through his wilding out over the years, it could have dropped him, but it never did. “I remember, one time, I got frustrated, and I asked [Interscope/Geffen chairman] Jimmy Iovine to drop me,” he recalls. “He said, ‘Man, you can come by my house and shoot out the windows, and I still wouldn’t drop you.’ I thought that was nuff said. It would never happen. Since then, we’ve rebuilt our relationship. I love Interscope/Geffen. They’ve been quite good to me, and I serviced them quite well over the years. I got a good relationship with my label. Me and Jimmy Iovine, me and Steve Berman, the whole hip-hop urban staff at Interscope, we 100. It ain’t never been no bad blood between me and the label. I probably made some career moves that they didn’t see suitable for the label, but we worked through it. I’m still there, putting out records.”

Grown-up decisions for a seasoned artist.


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    I always been a game fan..he spits hard, stays true to hiphop…NEVER WENT HOLLYWOOD..RED ALBUM NEAR CLASSIC…g-unot for life…he offical now, 4 albums deep, how many rappers can say that..GAME deserves respect for doing what few people in the rap game can accomplish…hate it or love..

    • Lilyfoy

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  • Hosea Lynch jr.

    Word up The game is shit,going number 1.F… these ….. niggas.He the streets in mind.Peace.RIp,E,Pimp,Pac.

  • lesotho

    Game is holding down the game. Red is on fire. One of the best to ever do it. reminds me of Pac.

  • Zii

    lol @ gayme lol 50 cent and G-unit own ur ass so ….. lol red album suck big time lol

  • Zii

    I suck dicks for survival

  • zytsytsf

    lmaoo look at all this haters Game is one of the realest rappers ive ever seen hes too good

  • Steve

    Game is my favorite artist and has been since 2003. But the difference between him and 50 is.. can you name one person in G Unit? YES alot of people can.. Now can you name one person in Black WallStreet? I can because I am a Game fan but the average consumer cannot.. when 50 dropped he put his crew on his album and came out with beg for mercy, get rich or die trying soundtrack and T.O.S.. putting his crew out.. with 4 commercial albums.. there has never been ONE member of the BWS on ANY of games albums… lets not forget 50 sold crack, had his own crew, he was a boss… Game got a pass from his brother… I am not hating, like i said game is my favorite artist.. but I can see both sides of the story..

  • tony viera

    im not hating, Game is one of the best rappers but RED its just a decent album better than LAX yes but not surpass the others in my opinion i dont dig to much the entire album sound (theres some very dope but its just a few) the lyrics are there but musicaly sound soft and theres some guest that WTF this kind of guest made Red look like na…. three years for this come on Game could it make it better, next time probably would be better i HOPE.

  • diz

    the album is good, but could have been better. He should have left some off that soft stuff off. take off that Lloyd track, drake track, mario track and I’m good.. I’ll still take this over any Lil Wayne shyt.

  • 2883joker

    Yo XXL. Expose this dude. Post my comment. Game got knocked out & denied it. He started a campaign on exposing one of Hip-Hop’s best crews (G-Unit) then wanted a reunion. His music started to suck when he fell out with Big Fase 100. Big Fase 100 got knocked out too. Almost 3 years ago. And didnt even address any of those situations. And its all on YouTube. I aint hating on Game. But I believe what goes around comes around.

    If XXL dont post my link to the video where the dudes that knocked out Game talk about it. Its on World Star.

    • Decatur GA BOI

      @2883joker, AYo,why are you woried about what he is doing in his life son? Get your own life, you seem to know alot about dude-the nerve of theses lifeless groupies….

  • Great!

    The Documentary is still his best album by far. R.E.D. has some very dope tracks though. I can’t fucking wait for his next album.

  • Erb

    This whole dialogue makes me laugh. Hip hop is joke played on inner city boys.

  • free mp3s downloads

    The Game is tight.