Five Ways Yelawolf Can Take His Career to the Next Level

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    Five Ways Yelawolf Can Take His Career to the Next Level
    After several setbacks, Yelawolf will finally release his debut album, <em>Radioactive</em>, next month (November 23). <em>XXL</em> is excited for the 2011 Freshman; in fact more than excited. <em>XXL</em> wants him to succeed so bad that the staff came up with a guide to help Wolf build enough momentum and buzz to take his career to the next level.—<em>Jesse Gissen</em> <a href="!/jessexxl">@Jesse Gissen</a>
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    Appear on <em>Justified</em>, <em>Breaking Bad</em> and/or <em>Sons of Anarchy</em>
    Yelawolf has the right M.O to appear on any of these three critically-acclaimed TV shows. <em>XXL</em> could easily envision the tatted up rapper getting busted by Raylen Givens for dealing meth in Harlan County, buying meth from Jesse Pinkman on <em>Breaking Bad</em> or signing up to be the latest prospect in the <em>Sons of Anarchy</em> Samcro motorcycle club. He’s got the look, now all he needs is the acting skills.
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    Get Billy Crystal to do a Cameo in his Next Video
    Speaking of Crystal Meth, if Yela could get Mr. Saturday Night to make a cameo in a music video for his stand out cut “Billy Crystal,” he’ll get plenty of people talking. The City Slicker is sure to get the Jewish Yankees on the Southerner’s side.
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    Remix “Sweet Home Alabama”
    Sure, Kid Rock already sampled the hit record, but it would make a lot more sense if the Gadsen, Alabama native added his rapid fire delivery to the Southern rock classic.
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    Teach Lil Wayne How to Skateboard
    Wolf actually knows how to skateboard. It wouldn’t hurt him PR-wise to give Weezy a couple of pointers. Take Kanye’s advice, “You could ’least grab a camera, shoot a viral.”
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    Beef With Another White Rapper
    Everyone knows beef sells records and in the up-and-coming white rapper category, Yela has plenty of competition. Machine Gun Kelly, Mac Miller, Chris Webby; pick one and let the diss records begin. There’s nothing better than a lil white on white crime.

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  • jec

    this is the worst article ever, and should be titled “what yelawolf should not do”
    wtf xxl.

  • akshen


  • Catfish ricky

    As bad as I wanna see yelawolf kill mac miller and mgk, i think it would be stupid,, yela has never battled, because there were no battle-culture where he’s from… But he’ll kill half of the game anyway! Yela!

  • swype-matic

    Dumbest fucking article I’ve read. Only thing dumber would be the comments on Lil’ B reviews.

  • truth..

    xxl, you owe me 2minutes of life.

  • SpydaThaCannon

    Fux wrong wit XXL these days…? Way to waste money for your company and time for your readers…

  • BC

    “nothing better than a lil white on white crime” fuck off xxl and stop hiring middle school kids to write your articles

  • jeh

    1 thing the person who wrote this article should know find a new job . XXL should not be handing you a paycheck homie you prob. bump Lil B like crazy fucking faggot

  • canadasmost

    yela opened up the cypher for slaughterhouse and eminem this year he killed it and hes buzzing already .

  • megulito

    wack and mildly racist good job idiots