Five Ways Yelawolf Can Take His Career to the Next Level


After several setbacks, Yelawolf will finally release his debut album, Radioactive, next month (November 23). XXL is excited for the 2011 Freshman; in fact more than excited. XXL wants him to succeed so bad that the staff came up with a guide to help Wolf build enough momentum and buzz to take his career to the next level.—Jesse Gissen @Jesse Gissen

Appear on Justified, Breaking Bad and/or Sons of Anarchy


Yelawolf has the right M.O to appear on any of these three critically-acclaimed TV shows. XXL could easily envision the tatted up rapper getting busted by Raylen Givens for dealing meth in Harlan County, buying meth from Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad or signing up to be the latest prospect in the Sons of Anarchy Samcro motorcycle club. He’s got the look, now all he needs is the acting skills.

Get Billy Crystal to do a Cameo in his Next Video


Speaking of Crystal Meth, if Yela could get Mr. Saturday Night to make a cameo in a music video for his stand out cut “Billy Crystal,” he’ll get plenty of people talking. The City Slicker is sure to get the Jewish Yankees on the Southerner’s side.

Remix “Sweet Home Alabama”


Sure, Kid Rock already sampled the hit record, but it would make a lot more sense if the Gadsen, Alabama native added his rapid fire delivery to the Southern rock classic.

Teach Lil Wayne How to Skateboard


Wolf actually knows how to skateboard. It wouldn’t hurt him PR-wise to give Weezy a couple of pointers. Take Kanye’s advice, “You could ’least grab a camera, shoot a viral.”

Beef With Another White Rapper


Everyone knows beef sells records and in the up-and-coming white rapper category, Yela has plenty of competition. Machine Gun Kelly, Mac Miller, Chris Webby; pick one and let the diss records begin. There’s nothing better than a lil white on white crime.