Five Signs Kanye West Could Hold Up At Occupy Wall Street

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  • #Image via <a href="">UncleRUSH</a>/Lockerz
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    Five Signs Kanye West Could Hold Up at Occupy Wall Street
    A number of <a href="">hip-hop artists have shown their support</a> for Occupy Wall Street, including Talib Kweli and Lupe Fiasco. But the most surprising backing came from the Louis Vuitton Don, Kanye West, who was photographed alongside Russell Simmons at the downtown Manhattan protest earlier this week.<br /><br />Prompted by his appearance, Tweeters started poking light fun at 'Ye for joining the 99% —especially since he's considered a one-percenter— with tweets like, "Kanye probably thought Occupy Wall St was a new high end clothing store" and "Breaking news: Kanye West heading to Occupy Wall Street, to pass out Margiela zip leather jackets to hungry but curvaceous female protesters," among other posts.<br /><br /><em>XXL</em> decided to take the jokes a bit further by imagining what West's sign could say if he was actually holding one up while chanting and marching for the rights of the poor people. Here are five different poster boards Kanye could consider waving up and down Lower Manhattan next time he pays a visit. He does it for the people!<em>—Gina Montana</em>
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  • Özgür Kurtoglu

    Those are pretty funny. Except for one, since they actually do a lot worse to n****s in Paris.

  • jason

    i dont understand what the protests are all about. the banks cant make any moves without the government say-so so why not go to D.C. and trip.
    kanye and Russell make a GANG of money from capitalism. thats the U.S. way of life, we all trying to get it, thast why we go to school, get good jobs, make music 2 make a living correct? we all make $$ from it so why they tripping? or are they? all these protesters out of work? i dont get it…
    Russell owns a damn debit company so he taking $$$ right? WTF? i dont get it. your thoughts please?!?!?1

  • William Leonard Roberts II

    My thinking is that someone at the XXL offices thought of the I’m so Appalled one and then decided to make a whole article on it meaning they had to come up with four more, hence how weak the others were.

  • J.R.

    so instead of writing an article on real hip hop or getting an interview on yeezy’s opinion on the protest, but no we got this piece of fluff media, but 2 be fair and don’t expect much more from xxl these days…