Five Reasons T.I. Shouldn't Leave His House


During the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards weekend earlier this month, T.I. made his way around Atlanta to celebrate his return from prison and hit a few after parties. Things got a bit testy during an event at Club Compound when Diddy lashed out at a patron for drinking Grey Goose, and not Ciroc. Though Tip intervened and tried to defuse the situation before it got out of hand, the ATL rapper has since come under fire—by Hot 97's morning show host among several others— for putting himself in possibly compromising positions. Tip responded via Twitter. "Quick ? to Rap Radar,CypherSounds,&whoever else felt I shouldnt have celebrated my return,WHY NOT?!?!?!" he tweeted. "Didint haters celebrate when I left?" Earlier this week, Tip stopped by Hot 97 and Power 105's morning shows and responded to the criticism. "In my absence my city has been somewhat absent as well," he explained on Hot 97. "So this is the return of me and my town. And prior to that. This is my job. This is what I do." In light of the criticismXXL has come up with five reasons why T.I. shouldn't leave his house, and just find peace at home.

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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Catch up on the past couple seasons of Breaking Bad, Mad Men. Both series— and many others— are now available to watch instantly on Netflix.

Put In More Studio Time

TI - papertrail

T.I. wrote Paper Trail while on house arrest, and it's arguably one of his best albums. Tip, stay home so your fans can get another classic.

Modern Warfare 3 Just Came Out

Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare 3 was recently released. Plug the XBox in and enjoy some family bonding.

Avoid All Issues

Exstacy pill

Tip was able to help defuse a conflict at Compound during the BET Hip Hop Awards, but there's not telling if he'll be as fortunate next time. Things can very easily get out of hand (and out of his reach). Play it safe. Stay home and "avoid all issues possible."

Make Up for Loss Time


According to reports, Tip and his wife Tiny were allegedly caught getting "frisky" during a visit earlier this year. There's no penalty for getting "frisky" at home!