Fat Joe Drops The Darkside Vol. 2 [Download Now]

Fat Joe’s The Darkside Vol. 1 was well-received when it dropped last year. Now, the newly slimmed down Bronx rapper returns with the follow up, The Darkside Vol. 2, a street album that he’s made available for free download. With guest spots from Jadakiss, French Montana and more, Joey is putting on for New York with this one.

You can download it here.

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  • glenn

    pretty good tape and its free so cant complain


    Man this shit is wack sonnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only nigga from the bx doing it now is French Montana stick to weight loss fat joe

  • http://xxlmag Ral.gre.reg

    I’m tired of all the Fat Joe hate. Dude came from D.I.T.C., Dropped countless bangers (ENVY, My LifeStyle, Watch The Sound, John Blaze, That White, etc) and been in the game since like 92. When you 50 Cent dickriders were still in diapers. Respect the longevity. Not to mention he the only Boriqua to last in the game this long. No he not the best Mc but it takes alot to be in the game that long. Salute.

    • jrash87

      dude i gotta agree with you hey, fat joe does deserve more respect than he cops, for his longitivity, evn his dominance that t.s held back in the day.And im a massive 50 cent fan too.. so im no dick rider just a fan of hiphop (old skool tho i cant stand ross weezy drake wale an that shit) its good to see him doin his thing, be even better if he rebuilt t.s..peace out with a moses twist

  • SUMO

    I guess this is ok for a free mixtape, to be honest this sucks balls though, i hate the new production absolutly no samples its gay club shit. Fat Joes tryin to leave the club scene and go back to the crack dealer WICH IS GOOD but he has to do an album with nothing but him and good producers – FAT JOE IF UR READING THIS GET DIAMOND D PREMO PETE ROCK NECRO AS PRODUCERS FUCK THIS NEW GAY CLUB PRODUCTIONS