Not everyone is smoking papers. Detroit rapper Danny Brown still likes to roll up his marijuana in a Philly, prompting him to release his song, “Blunt After Blunt” last June. The song quickly became a favorite of buzzing Harlem up-and-comer, A$AP Rocky, who reached out to his friend Danny Brown to direct a music video for the song. chopped it up with DB to find out how the two linked up, what to expect from the video and what unsuspecting stars came out to hang on the set.

“That’s my bro,” Brown said of working with A$AP. “He just hollered at me last time I was in New York and he was like, ‘Yo man we should really shoot a video for that ‘Blunt to Blunt’ shit,’ and I was like, ‘Fo’ sho man, let’s do it.”

The two met up back in New York and shot the video in the basement of popular Lower East Side clothing store Prohibit, filling the lens with plenty of smoke.

During the session, the duo even had a few big name stars stop by.

“Dave Chapelle came through with Mos Def,” Brown said “Kendrick [Lamar] came through. We was just kickin’ it, smoking and drinkin’ forties all day.”

A$AP Rocky has been making quite a lot of noise since dropping his Internet smash, “Purple Swag.” That is when Danny first noticed the young MC.

“We linked as soon as ‘Purple Swag’ came out,” Danny said. “You know I do my homework on everybody and I’m tryin to figure out who he was and come to find out we was already friends on Facebook. [So] I hit him up like ‘Yo I fuck with this shit’ and we been going back and forth since.”

Danny promises that this will be the first of many collaborations between him and A$AP. But next up is the D-Town rep’s joint album with Black Milk, titled, Black and Brown. The LP drops tomorrow via Fat Beats Records.

As of press time it is uncertain when the video for “Blunt After Blunt” will be released. —Jesse Gissen