Chris Martin Vs. Chris Martin

Chris Martin’s hip-hop connection goes beyond his collaborations with Jay-Z and Kanye West. The Coldplay front man has the same birth name as Gang Starr’s legendary producer, DJ Premier. The similarities don’t stop there. Both musicians went to college before pursuing music careers and both have worked Hov and ‘Ye. XXL takes a look at the similarities and differences of the two CMs.—XXL Staff

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  • K

    So, what’s next? Are you now going to compare Play (formerly of Kid N Play) who’s also named Chris Martin against the other 2 Chris Martins?

  • Thomas

    Yeah this all pretty much proved absolutely NOTHING. One is a guy who has done nothing original in his life while the other creates true anthems, knows how to play instruments, can sing, and in short multi-talented…Coldplay wins this hands down. The comparison is silly.

    • Face Phoenix

      Just cause you can play an instrument and sing doesn’t mean you are more talented or innovative than someone who knows how to construct music in a different way. Many artist don’t boast their pedigree and talents. They just make music. Whether you sell 14 or 1 million does not make you a better artist. In an age of musical fluff, sometimes the most amazing artists are rarely heard on a national stage with multimillion dollar marketing behind them. Coldplay is a great band but it is not to say Gang Starr isn’t. If you prefer Coldplay fine but to detract from someone else on some “silly” comparison is showing how closed minded you are. It’s like comparing a movie director to a documentary director they are highly similar and seek the same goal but they are no less the same thing filmmakers. Artistry is not sport.

  • Smith

    @thomas, you are a jackass. Educate yourself a little more before speaking again. Coldplay is great, Premier is great, listen to then both!