Can You Smell What the Bawse Is Cookin’?

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    Can You Smell What the Bauwse Is Cookin'?
    When Rick Ross isn't shirtless, he does happen to have a nice repertoire of colorful shirts that he usually leaves unbuttoned to show off his chest. While <i>XXL</i> admires the Bawse's confidence and I-don't-give-a-fuck swag, that look did look familiar to the gang here at 1115 Broadway. Almost like it's been done somewhere before on a big scale. Given a little thought, <i>XXL</i> realized just exactly where Ross may have been inspired to <i>rock</i> the look. Hint: He didn't have to look far. Miami's own, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson rocked the look, while climbing up the ranks and becoming a star in the then-WWF, now WWE. So, without further ado, <i>XXL</i> showcases both Miami natives' penchant for the colorful shirts by presenting, <b>Can You Smell What The Bawse Is Cookin'?</b>
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  • visits Juliet on May 22, 2011 in New York City.

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  • fufu

    damn XXL is dickridin again…

  • j2k

    co-sign fu-fu

    dont compare the peoples champion to officer ricky

  • thelurker

    no way you can compare the rock to carl winslow.

    xxl has gone too far this time.

    • OptimusRhyme

      Uncle Phil bruh!

      • yo! beats

        nah dude, carl winslow because rick ross use to be a correctional officer

  • Sean Izzle

    Yo XXLMag stop doing this. Its wack, whats up with yall liking Rick Ross so damn much, really really much? Fuck it im out

  • alderman j

    HATERS EVERYWHERE!!! Yall need to work on ya own life if you got problems wit a nigga that made it out the hood and now reaching back and pulling other niggas out the hood!! THE C.O. SHIT IS A NON ISSUE, REAL NIGGAS KNOW WHAT HE WAS DOING IN THERE….AND HATERS, WELL THE HATERS GONE END UP LIKE 50 CENT!!!!! LOL!!!

  • that nigga

    Actually, he’s channeling BIGGIE, not The rock XXL.