Game one of the World Series is tonight (October 19)! The Major League Baseball playoff races have been exciting this year... If your team made it. My team, the Houston Astros, lost 105 games this year, traded their star outfielder Hunter Pence, tried to move to the American League (still trying), and pretty much doesn't have an owner. Which means it was a LONG year for me. I usually root for the Los Angeles Dodgers when the Astros don't make it, but thanks to the McCourts (the Dodger's owner's) getting a divorce, the Dodgers have been having long seasons lately too, even though staff ace Clayton Kershaw and center fielder Matt Kemp both had amazing years. Both of them would get my vote for National League Cy Young and National League MVP, respectively. I have the Detroit Tigers’ Justin Verlander as my AL Cy Young Winner and The New York Yankees CF Curtis Granderson for AL MVP. Too bad they don't let rappers vote on MLB awards. Haha!

I hated to see the Boston Red Sox miss the playoffs with Outfielder Carl Crawford coming to the team this year. Not to mention the Atlanta Braves missed the playoffs with Michael Bourn. And no San Francisco Giants (last year's World Series champions)? My Uncle Tim from the BAY was PISSED!

I couldn't believe the Philadelphia Phillies and the Yankees both got knocked out in the 1st round of the playoffs. Those were my picks to make it to the World Series too. I just knew Hunter Pence was gonna come through in the clutch and win a ring. Well, there's always next year. I was expecting to see something spectacular from Justin Verlander in the opening round against the Yanks, but with two of his starts getting rain delays, and him not being able to pitch a real start, there was nothing really to see.

Props to the St. Louis Cardinals for going 18-6 to end the season and go into the playoffs. Now that they finally got their relief pitching in order, if we see some quality starts out of their rotation, they're gonna be tough to beat at home. It’s incredible to think about the 43 runs they put up in six NLCS games against the Milwaukee Brewers. Much props to (former Astro) Lance Berkman for being the NL Comeback Player of the Year!! He's gonna be trouble for the Rangers in Texas with his switch hitting ability. With Berkman growing up in Texas and playing all those years with the 'Stros, you can believe there are gonna be a lot of “LIL PUMA's” cheering on "Fat Elvis." I was happy to see a team from the NL Central make it to the World Series, even though the Astros might not be in the same division in a few years.

Props to the Texas Rangers going to the World Series in back to back years. The General Manager Nolan Ryan deserves a lot of credit for turning this entire organization around. For so long everybody said that it was impossible to win a pennant playing outdoor baseball in the summer in Texas, and now the Ryan Express has proved us all wrong twice. I remember Nolan Ryan talking about if he ever ran an organization the first thing he would do is get rid of the 'pitch count.' He would let a pitcher go out and pitch until he was tired. I always loved that idea; I hate pitch counts. Did you know that Nolan Ryan holds the record for the highest pitch count in a game? In 1971 he threw 244 pitches in 15 innings. His opposing pitcher Luis Tiant threw 189 pitches. Screw a pitch count. The Rangers have been playing with a lot of heart. Right fielder Nelson Cruz has been on fire. He was the first player in MLB history to hit 6 HRs and 13 RBIs in a postseason series. That boy went HAM in the ALCS with eight hits, all of them extra base hits, and a 1.273 slugging percentage. Oh yeah and he hit the first game-ending grand slam in postseason history too... all from batting in the #7 slot in the line up.

It looks like it's gonna be a great series. Michelle Obama is going to Game 1 in St. Louis to honor the military veterans— MUCH LOVE TO THE SOLDIERS!!! I might roll up to Oakcliff and check out Game 5 with Crys Wall for our wedding anniversary on the 23rd.... But only if the Cardinals can last that long!!! I got Rangers in 6 games, always bet on TEXAS! Please comment on who you think is gonna win it. I’m not an expert, but I do bet on the games, so I need some good expert advice...... I might have to bet Nelly a new grill or a watch or something on the game. What ya think?? Haha!