[Editor's Note: The St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Texas Rangers in Game 1 of the MLB World Series, but loss the second game. The series is now tied 1-1 and Game 3 is scheduled for tomorrow (October 22)]

Congrats to the St. Louis Cardinals and their Game 1 victory over the Texas Rangers in the World Series. My team is having a year for the record books.

It was great to see them play well down the stretch of the regular season. We dropped a few crucial games and it got a little scary. We were 10 1/2 games back, but I still thought that they could pull it out and pass the Braves for the National League Wild Card spot if Atlanta didn't start to play better. When it came down to the last three games, I just knew they would make the Playoffs because of how hot they were getting. The playoff run to the Series was ridiculous! We beat the two best teams in the National League to make it to the World Series. Once we got past the Phillies, I think the whole city, including the players, felt like we had nothing to loose.

This season was frustrating and exciting. We had some injuries (like one of our aces, Adam Wainwright) that didn't allow us to put the best team out there everyday. We had some problems in the bullpen and blew some games that we all thought hurt our playoff chances. I knew we had a good team, it was a matter of us getting it together before it got too late. We have one of the most dangerous lineups in baseball with Albert Pujols, Matt Holliday and Lance Berkman. Berkman carried us at times during the year, acquiring him turned out to be a great move for us. Puljos started slow, but still had a great season. He was only one hit away from a .300 batting and he still had 100 RBIs. I liked the off season pick up of Rafael Furcal because we had been needing a solid Short Stop. David Freese was injured, we knew he could play, but wasn't sure exactly what he brought to the table. But he has turned out to be the spark plug that got us through the playoffs. My biggest surprise is how well our starting pitching and bullpen have stood up and balled during this playoff run. Our bats have been hot, but our pitching has held down two amazing teams in the Phillies and the Brewers.

The Rangers have good pitching and a killer lineup 1 through 9. But that's what I would say about the Cardinals. I think we have the advantage in the home games because their pitchers aren't used to hitting. I think their lineup may be a little more scary than ours, but having to face Pujols, Holliday, Berkman, Freese and then Molina is no picnic! I think the teams are evenly matched, but I'm going with the Cardinals because they are the hotter team. We have already beat the two best teams in baseball to get here. And we have a game one win under our belts!