50 Cent Reveals the Details on His New Headphones

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  • norcal

    i like the wireless part,but i have dre beats already so little late

  • http://twitter.com/#!/ST1NA Christina

    I neeeeeed those headphones

  • Ant

    I don’t think I’d trust the whole wireless thing for my 300$ theyll probably cost. Id rather get the Souls

  • guy

    what do you think the pricetag on these is gonna be

  • nice

    ayye them look tyte i might fuck wit em. dre beats sound fresh tho. but these got no wire which is the obvious feature for these headphones, which is tyte. it gota sound good tho!

  • Beats


  • peterwheatstraw

    Got all those features and they probably will sound like some Koss Headphones…..Fail.

  • http://keeptidope.com k.i.d.

    anyone who knows anything about sound will tell u beats by dre soul etc. are not great headphones as far as sound goes…they sound goood to the average person and that’s all that matters..they hit the bass great and all but i wanna get some ultrasone 750′s…look those up..REAL headphones

  • JugularKill

    Real Talk…. Come get some real talk.

    “Beats By Dre” is a gimmick. You are paying for the name, the technology is nothing extra ordinary.

    Hate 50 Cent all you want but he is a smarter business man than Dr Dre.

    The head phones are strong, durable & bendable, so they won’t break. You twist Beats by Dre and they will break.

    So back in the 90′s you could buy some wireless headphones, but the lag & the quality was not good enough.

    Now in 2011 we have wireless technology where the response can be measured in a few milliseconds. 50 Cent is basically doing what Nintendo is doing with the WiiU… Talking old technology that was ignored and bringing it back alive for convenience.

    The design is crazy.

    Smart move 50