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Yela and Radioactive

We got up with burgeoning rapper Yelawolf to discuss hoops and hip-hop.

by Tzvi Twersky | @ttwersky

At some point during this past NBA season, say in the first dozen games or so, I noticed that a fair amount of players in a fair amount of locker rooms were playing music by an artist named Yelawolf on their headphones and iPod docks. I was surprised at the time…but I shouldn’t have been.

In the weeks that followed, Yela emerged from his humble underground roots to, if only momentarily, take over the hip-hop discussion. In rapid succession, the native of Alabama signed a deal with Eminem and Shady Records, appeared on back-to-back XXL covers and—pertinent to SLAMonline—got shown love by none other than Shaquille O’Neal.

Now, months and months later, Yelawolf is preparing for the release of Radioactive, his full-length debut album. Set to drop on October 25th, Radioactive, Yela promises, is sure to be heard in locker rooms this season—assuming there is a season.

Over the course of a pretty dope conversation a few weeks back, the emerging rapper discussed working with Shady—or Marshall, as he calls him—Alabama stereotypes and the NBA Lockout. [Read the interview here]