Win 2Pac’s All Eyez On Me Platinum Plaque

In celebration of their new album, Perfect Timing, the Outlawz have partnered with for an exclusive contest where the winner will receive 2Pac’s platinum plaque for his classic 1996 album, All Eyez On Me.

In order to enter the running, readers will have to email under the subject line “Outlawz Contest” with a photo of the receipt proving that they purchased the group’s lastest CD, along with their name, phone number and physical address.

XXL will be accepting submissions until Friday, October 14. After the contest is closed, a winner will be picked at random, and Young Noble, E.D.I. Mean and Hussein Fatal will present the prize in person.

This contest is open to fans that are currently living in the United States only.

Good luck! —XXL Staff

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  • Eli

    Great Contest!

  • floridaborn

    This is what they have to do to sell their records??? How sad…

    • Ellene

      You aught to keep your NEGATIVE FUCKING REMARKS TO YOURSELF -

    • Nestor Li

      Bette’ shut ur fuckin mouth or i will shit on it

  • Mikey F Baby

    That would be sweet to have though

  • tonep808

    They better off just having a garage sale instead of dropping an album

  • A.K.

    These guys are giving away a platinum plaque that doesn’t belong to them? Shouldn’t it go to his family or something? If it’s a replica, I can understand, but a platinum plaque?…In the words of Pac, “You ain’t shit without your homeboys”, these guys are opposite. R.I.P. Pac

  • Hip Hop Fan

    To A.K.

    You do realize that they make a platinum plaque for every artist that works on the album so it could be their own plaque. Goof…

  • Zipac2

    Oh only US Damn it !

  • Sweetie-B

    whats brackin with pac plaque ? I would love to win his platium and i dont care if people is tired of him for sure

  • davis

    ok i like the outlaws but this is bullshit you want people to buy your shit just to profit off pac? be true and dont do shit like this to sell a album i love pac and i listen to him all my life to hear this shit is really sad

  • Hosea Lynch jr.

    Da real N….. will recieve the s… which is good.Pac!

  • Trankilo

    great contest. to bad i lost my receipt.

  • BekaShakur

    With so much digital sales of music, I’m just wondering where I’d get a receipt

  • Iceberg

    I’m all locked in!