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  • Tyler James

    Tyler the Creator sucks dick. You can see that here.

    • Kid Chyllen

      Hater lol.

    • bawse

      my exact thought TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!!!! pic go ahead n reply dickheads

    • http://xxl hahahaha

      ha ha …a too funny !!! but true.

  • Jake Smith

    My two favorite rappers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sheamus From WWE

      You must be whiter than me then.

  • brand-new

    brandon the builder is unimpressed

    • Diggz

      Game of Thronnnnnes

  • brand-new

    you gotta be careful what you say about tyler, xxl might ban you, like they did to bol

  • ben collins

    Eminem gets head from tyler?
    hot !

  • Jill

    i don’t really like odd future or tyler solo…is it just me???

  • tunaed

    imagine the collab?!

  • Stylistic

    Tyler the creator is a breath of fresh air to what is arguably the wackest time period ever for Hip Hop! Weezy and Drake are both annoying as fuck and everybody is trying to sound like them! (Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, etc) This nigga is a throwback to 90′s Hip Hop! He can rhyme and don’t give a fuck! He called out B.O.B, and Bruno Mars a couple of times already for being suck-ass artists! I like this kid, we need more emcees like him in what is currently a gay old time in Hip Hop!

    • Ben Collins

      i like your opinion styles

    • prolyfic

      tyler the creator SUCKS compared to drake , hop off none of them want to sound like drake, they got signed before drake became popular, a breath of fresh air if yu enjoy ppl talking about things they don’t even believe in lol smh at you read up boy

      • Tom

        If you think Drake is better than Tyler, the Creator, you have no right to say anything in hip hop at all. Drake sings love songs, lmao. I’m a hopsin fan and I prefer him over Tyler, but I can’t deny skill, and Tyler destroys Drake.

  • New’L

    Wow. tyler at it again with another fuckin gay ass publicity stunt. why would Em even allow tyler near his damn region like that for a fucking picture for fuck sakes. smh… Hip Hops getting boring and predictable. publicity used to be about high profile beefs not fucking paris hilton like stunts where tmz catches them doing stupid shit. the media loves beef in the industry and beef in the streets… the industry beef all up in tylers mouth should be the fucking last beef we talk about or photograph for that matter.


    I will never understand how anyone can like Tyler the Creator’s music

  • Tylerthecreatorsucks

    OMG! ” a breath of fresh air for hip hop ” are you kidding me? i have never heard something so ridiculous in my life. you can not be serious. you are comparing 90′s artist to tyler?!!! hahah omg wow Nas & Pac would be aashamed of tyler the creator and ashamed of that comment. gtfo tyler’s music is horrible compares to most artist i knoe making music from there basements. nuff said.