Tupac Month: 2Pac’s Discography

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    2Pac's Discography
    In his short, yet impactful life, Tupac Shakur recorded and released an innumerable amount of music. While a lot of it was released while he was still living, even more came out after his untimely death, proving that 'Pac lived and breathed hip-hop.<br /><br />Here, <em>XXL</em> lists 2Pac's official and unofficial albums. <em>—XXL Staff</em>
  • Cover2pacalypseAlbm
    <strong><em>2Pacalypse Now</em>(1991)</strong>
    <strong>TOTAL SALES: 923,455</strong><br /><br /><em>2Pacalypse</em>, 2Pac’s debut album in 1991, paved the way for what proved to be a legendary career. 'Pac showed he was more mature than his age 20 years with socially-impactful tracks like “Young Black Male” and “Brenda’s Got a Baby,” the latter delving into the touchy subject of teen pregnancy. The video remains timeless in the annals of classic hip-hop clips.
  • Capa
    <strong><em>Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.</em>(1993)</strong>
    <strong>TOTAL SALES: 1,639,584</strong><br /><br />Many MCs have suffered a sophomore slump, but not 2Pac. <em>Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.</em>, ’Pac’s highly-anticipated follow-up to <em>2Pacalypse</em>, helped the young MC attain a new status—platinum certification. Singles such as “Keep Ya Head Up” and “I Get Around” showed two contrasting sides of Shakur and helped propel the 16-track disc to over one million records sold.
  • thug-life-big
    <strong><em>ThugLife Vol. 1</em>(1994)</strong>
    <strong>TOTAL SALES: 478,419</strong><br /><br />The group's debut album, <em>Thug Life: Volume 1</em>, finds members Big Syke, Macadoshis, Mopreme, The Rated R, and 2Pac taking the socially-conscious route and rhyming about the inner-city mishaps. Featuring a number of standout cuts, including the ghetto requiem "Pour Out A Little Liquor," the smooth, yet in-your-face "Str8 Ballin” and the popular "Cradle to the Grave," the album would eventually be certified Gold.
  • 2pac_-_me_against_the_world-front
    <strong><em>Me Against the World</em>(1995)</strong>
    <strong>TOTAL SALES: 3,524,567</strong><br /><br />Regarded by fans as the magnum opus of his career as well as one of his best pieces of work, 2Pac's Grammy-nominated third studio album garnered many accolades. Released while he was imprisoned—for an alleged sexual assault— the critically acclaimed <em>Me Against the World</em> debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, making 'Pac the first rapper to score a No. 1 album while serving time in prison. Featuring the singles, "So Many Tears," "Temptations," and the warm-hearted "Dear Mama," the album would go on to be multi-platinum.
  • CoversAllEyezOnMe
    <strong><em>All Eyez On Me</em>(1996)</strong>
    <strong>TOTAL SALES: 5,887,630</strong><br /><br />Released as 'Pac’s fourth studio album, the Harlem-born, West Coast rapper found a way to top charts with this two-disc set. With six famous singles released — “Ambitionz Az a Ridah,” “How Do U Want It,” “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted,” “I Ain’t Mad At Cha,” “California Love,” “Can’t C Me” and “All Eyez On Me” — the album took the No. 1 spot on the <em>Billboard 200</em> and R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. <em>All Eyez On Me</em> became 2Pac’s highest-selling album, moving almost six million units.
  • Poetic Justice
    <strong><em>Poetic Justice</em>(1993)</strong>
    The 1993 film, which was written and directed by John Singleton, paired Tupac on the silver screen with Janet Jackson. The movie grossed nearly $30 million and the soundtrack for the film proved to be a hit as well. Featuring artists such as Tha Dogg Pound, Warren G, Nate Dogg and Naughty by Nature, ’Pac made his presence felt on the 15-track soundtrack with his “Definition of a Thug Nigga” record.
  • 4183748140_21402c1084_o
    <strong><em>Above The Rim The Soundtrack</em>(1994)</strong>
    Released in 1994, the critically acclaimed soundtrack off 'Pac's feature film, <em>Above the Rim</em>, peaked at No. 2 on the <em>Billboard 200</em> and reigned at the top spot of the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. A compilation, with guest appearances by Warren G, Nate Dogg, Al B. Sure, Tha Dogg Pound and more, the album featured ’Pac on only two tracks–"Pain” and "Pour Out A Little Liquor," the latter a record that was also feature on the <em>Thug Life: Volume 1</em> album.
  • src,728706301725
    <strong><em>Gridlock’d The Soundtrack</em>(1997)</strong>
    <em>Gridlock’d</em> was Tupac’s sixth big screen appearance, and had a soundtrack that reflected his everyday life beyond the film. With 15 tracks referencing a movie based on the drug game and how to shake it, there’s no question that this album mirrored part of ’Pac’s album content and storylines.
  • 1226942813_2pacmakavelithedonkillubh7
    <strong><em>The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory</em>(1996)</strong>
    <strong>TOTAL SALES: 3,911,787</strong><br /><br />Regarded as an undoubted classic rap LP, <em>The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory</em> was released less than a month following Tupac’s death and was the first of 13 official posthumous albums for the legendary MC. It included enthralling records such as “Hail Mary,” “White Man’z World” and “Against All Odds,” while ’Pac hit the strip clubs hard with “Toss It Up.”
  • front3
    <strong><em>R U Still Down? (Remember Me)</em>(1997)</strong>
    <strong>TOTAL SALES: 2,166,117</strong><br /><br />The sheer volume of how many songs 2Pac recorded allowed his music to live on far after his death. <em>R U Still Down</em>, a double LP equipped with 26 tracks, was ’Pac’s second of a long string of posthumous albums that was able to see the light after his 1996 passing. This double CD set included hits such as “Do For Love” and “I Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto.”
  • 1267283577_cover
    <strong><em>Greatest Hits</em>(1998)</strong>
    <strong>TOTAL SALES: 4,847,463</strong><br /><br />The third official album release after Pac’s death, <em>Greatest Hits</em> became the Death Row artist’s second highest-selling success, pushing almost five million copies. Also released as a two-disc album, 2Pac’s estate put out 25 of his most memorable songs for fans to bump. From “Brenda’s Got a Baby” to “Picture Me Rollin’,” “Hail Mary” to “Unconditional Love” and “Hit ’Em Up,” <em>Greatest Hits</em> showed why ’Pac has been named one of the best artists of all time.
  • Front Cover
    <strong><em>Still I Rise</em>(1999)</strong>
    <strong>TOTAL SALES: 1,692,316</strong><br /><br />Featuring the Outlawz, 2Pac's third posthumous album, filled with unreleased material and remixes following his death, features a few solid tracks. Songs like the undeniable "Letter to the President," the smooth sequel to "Keep Your Head Up," "Baby Don't Cry (Keep Your Head Up II)," and "Still I Rise," are what makes the album interesting.
  • the-rose-big
    <strong><em>The Rose That Grew From Concrete: Volume 1</em>(2000)</strong>
    <strong>TOTAL SALES: 262,672</strong><br /><br />Matching a book by the name of the same title, <em>The Rose That Grew From Concrete: Volume 1</em> featured everyone from Mos Def to Dead Prez, the Outlawz, Quincy Jones and even Malcolm Jamal Warner, who most famously played Theo on The Cosby Show. Of course, they did it in honor of Tupac, but the rap legend’s main presence is felt in the interlude and opening track to the CD.
  • until-the-end-of-time-big
    <strong>2001, <em>Until the End of Time</em></strong>
    <strong>TOTAL SALES: 2,220,589</strong><br /><br />Nearly five years after Tupac’s death, his music kept staying alive. <em>Until the End of Time</em> marked another double posthumous album for the fallen star. This set was most known for introspective hits such as “Letter 2 My Unborn” and the title track itself, “Until The End of Time.”
  • 1212887237871
    <strong><em>Better Dayz</em>(2002)</strong>
    <strong>TOTAL SALES: 1,765,597</strong><br /><br />The seventh official posthumous album released by the notorious gangster rapper proved that even in death he would always be one of the “greatest rappers alive.” Selling almost half a million records in its first week, <em>Better Dayz</em> was just units away from going double platinum. Singles such as “Thugz Mansion,” “Who Do U Believe In” and the title track were proof that 2Pac was much more than the guarded exterior people came to know.
  • Tupac - Resurrection - Front
    <strong><em>Tupac: Resurrection [Original Soundtrack]</em>(2003)</strong>
    <strong>TOTAL SALES: 1,666,335</strong><br /><br />The critically-acclaimed Academy Award-nominated film documenting ’Pac's life and career before passing, received the soundtrack treatment, featuring a load of remixed ("One Day At A Time," "Ghost," and "Runnin’ (Dyin' to Live") and original material ("Holler If You Hear Me," "Death Around the Corner," "Secretz Of War," etc.). Eminem was given permission by ’Pac’s mother Afeni Shakur to executive produce the project and Em did it justice, as the soundtrack debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200.
  • 2Pac Loyal To The Game 2004 Album Cover
    <strong><em>Loyal to the Game</em>(2004)</strong>
    <strong>TOTAL SALES: 1,204,124</strong><br /><br />Dropping just a week before Christmas, Shakur found a way to take the <em>Billboard</em> charts once again. <em>Loyal to the Game</em> reached No. 1 on the Rap Albums, R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and <em>Billboard 200</em> charts just weeks after its release. The EP included singles such as “Ghetto Gospel” and “Thugs Get Lonely Too,” tracks that certainly showed the inner-battle 'Pac went through during his lifetime.
  • 222180_2PACtherose
    <strong><em>The Rose That Grew From Concrete, Vol. 2 </em>(2005)</strong>
    <strong>TOTAL SALES: 59,157</strong><br /><br />Although this served as 'Pac’s lowest-grossing official posthumous album of all time, the message behind the music didn’t fall with its sales. “Black Woman” is a spoken word track that gives love to all Black women. And, “When Ur Hero Falls” is a ballad that speaks on the hopelessness and loss of faith experienced when losing someone you believe in. This is one of ’Pac’s most underrated works.
  • 2pac-pacs_life-lg-dubcnn-1.jpeg
    <strong><em>Pac’s Life</em>(2006</strong>
    <strong>TOTAL SALES: 469,639</strong><br /><br />The 13-track album sold almost 500,000 units. With singles like “Playa Cardz Right” (now more famous for Keyshia Cole’s 2008 remake) and “Soon As I Get Home,” ’Pac took his fans through the struggles of his life and still reminded them that he’ll always have something for the streets to rock to.
  • original
    <strong><em>Best of 2Pac Part 1: Thug</em>(2007)</strong>
    <strong>TOTAL SALES: 212,399</strong><br /><br />After other gratifying double-disc sets like the <em>Greatest Hits</em> album, this 2007 release features much fewer songs. Contained of primarily remixes ("Dear Mama (Remix)," "Resist the Temptation") and a couple of original tracks, <em>Thug</em> focuses on ’Pac's rebel side (i.e. "2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted").
  • B00006584R.03.LZZZZZZZ
    <strong><em>Best of 2Pac Part 2: Life</em>(2007)</strong>
    <strong>TOTAL SALES: 135,249</strong><br /><br />The other side to the two-part collection, <em>Life</em> features more of ’Pac's introspective character. Quintessential reflective tracks such as "Keep Ya Head Up," "Brenda's Got A Baby," and "Thugz Mansion," gives the vibe that the album is more of a celebration of live while remaining socially conscious.
    1997, <em>Legends</em><br />1997, <em>1 in 21: A Tupac Shakur Story</em><br />1998, <em>In His Own Words</em><br />1998, <em>Pac & Biggie You Never Heard</em><br />1999, <em>Remixes: A Tupac Shakur Story</em><br />1999, <em>1 in 21: The Remixes</em><br />1999, <em>The Here After</em> [Austrailia] [Japan]<br />2000, <em>Makaveli 2000</em><br />2000, <em>Makaveli 2: When My Enemies Fall</em><br />2000, <em>Makaveli 3: Hit ‘Em Up</em><br />2000, <em>Makaveli 4</em><br />2000, <em>Makaveli 5</em><br />2000, <em>Makaveli 6</em><br />2000, <em>Makaveli 7</em><br />2000, <em>Makaveli 9</em><br />2000, <em>Makaveli 10</em><br />2000, <em>Makaveli 11</em><br />2000, <em>Makaveli 12</em><br />2000, <em>Makaveli 13</em><br />2000, <em>Makaveli 14</em><br />2000, <em>Makaveli 15</em><br />2000, <em>Makaveli 16</em><br />2000, <em>Makaveli 17</em><br />2000, <em>In Conversation</em><br />2000,<em> The Lost Tapes: Circa 1989</em><br />2000, <em>Afeni Shakur Discusses “The Rose That Grew From Concrete, Vol. 1”</em><br />2002, <em>Maximum</em><br />2003, <em>The Prophet: The Best of the Works</em><br />2003, <em>Nu-Mixx Klazzics</em><br />2003, <em>Tupac & Friends</em><br />2004, <em>2Pac Live</em><br />2005, <em>Thugg Life Mix</em><br />2005, <em>Sunset Blvd.</em><br />2005, <em>Ready 2 Die</em><br />2005, <em>The Prophet Returns</em><br />2005, <em>Live at the House of Blues</em><br />2005, <em>Live My Life</em><br />2005, <em>Words Never Die</em><br />2005, <em>The Very Best of Death Row</em><br />2005, <em>Thug Life</em><br />2006, <em>15 Years On Death Row: The Definitive Collection</em><br />2006, <em>Deadly Sins</em><br />2006, <em>The Way He Wanted It Book 1</em><br />2006, <em>The Way He Wanted It: Book 2</em><br />2006, <em>A Decade of Silence</em><br />2006, <em>A 2Pac Tribute: Dare to Struggle</em><br />2006, <em>Shining Serpant</em><br />2006, <em>Makaveli’s Return</em><br />2007, <em>The Thug Story</em><br />2007, <em>The 10th Anniversary Collection: Sex, Soul & Street</em><br />2007, <em>The Way He Wanted It Vol. 3</em><br />2007, <em>Nu-Mixx Klazzics Vol. 2 (Evolution: Duets and Remixes)</em><br />2007, <em>Legend of Hip Hop</em><br />2007, <em>Beginnings: The Lost Tapes 1988-1991</em><br />2007, <em>Death Row Dayz</em><br />2007 <em>Live It Up</em><br />2008, <em>The Way He Wanted It Vol. 4</em><br />2008, <em>Life of an Outlaw</em><br />2009, <em>The Legend</em><br />2009, <em>Thug Revolution</em><br />2009, <em>Picture MY Pain</em><br />2010, <em>The Way He Wanted It Vol. 5</em>

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  • Sean Izzle

    Not to bash XXLMag, I love yall! but the numbers are incorrect. Im sure yall have the correct source but yall printed it wrong if so.

    All Eyez On Me went 9.00X Multi Platinum
    Makeveli the don killuminati went 4.00X Multi Platinum, not just under.
    Greatest Hits is a Diamond certified album, 10.00X Multi Platinum

    Dont aske me how in the hell 2Pac did those huge numbers but anyways, get back at me if im wrong


    • Kenshinxxx

      “Multi-disc albums are counted once for each disc within the album if it is over 100 minutes in length or is from the vinyl era. For example, each copy of OutKast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (running time of 134:56), and Shania Twain’s Up! (145:44), both double albums, were counted twice, meaning each album was certified diamond after 5 million copies were shipped. Pink Floyd’s The Wall and The Beatles’ White Album, both vinyl-era, are counted double even though their running times are under the minimum requirement.” By Wikipedia

      Just to let you know…. :)

  • blank

    i think those are the numbers when they originally came out

  • Sean Izzle

    When they came they had sold 0 copies, since they just came out so what are you saying?
    Its not first week numbers, so what does when they came out actually mean?

    • Los Angeles Angelz

      He may mean, the recorded sales numbers in the period in which they were released, after an album is released they usually go through a 60 public sales number reporting before RIAA puts them in catalog. Once in catalog, you have to fish for up to date numbers, even if we had this years numbers through 3 quarter, they will be different in the 2nd quarter of next year because people are still buying these albums, they just won’t publish the numbers. When you look at RIAA numbers, they usually have a date that they made a specific goal of sales……But in this sales climate, they may not even record numbers properly anymore, who knows….XXL’s numbers are not numbers “to date” though-But, who can trust XXl, they are always wrong in number reporting…

  • http://www.youtube.com/greatrastar82 imMe

    XXL is wrong cause those aint his total sales! Get ur facts right! SAY/WRITE when these toal sales were and where you got these #s from? 2pac is ans was the best rappper and he is listed as # 1 in sales. Thasts talent w/ sales the S**T the game aint got no MOOOOORE!!!!! # 2 gotta b EM or MC HAMMER 9yeah I know I said him, but I’m talkin bout sales.) However, Em got skills. Shady/Aftermath, shoutout. XXL ur writers suck and u dont’ be puttin NO REAL HIPP HOP S^^T ON THE SITE. What do you listen to? GO BACK LOOK AT THE GAME: PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE.

  • http://XXl BIGed


    • Erik

      Can you please send me those albums to my mail? It would be very appreciated!

  • http://XXl BIGed


  • http://XXl BIGed


  • Chong

    The point of the article is not the numbers ‘Pac did, but rather the sheer volume of material he released. The fact that XXL may have missed a couple of compilations/albums and got some numbers wrong, only adds to the fact that ‘Pac was even greater than they’re trying to say.
    I bet you hating bitches are the same people who try to same numbers don’t mean anything in relation to defining an artist’s skills. I agree with that, but you are just showing yourselves off to be completely ignorant, hipocritical tits.
    Give the article the props it deserves and shut the fuck up.

  • sb

    damn i had no idea that he was pushing numbers like this… he had to be one of the top 3 selling rappers of all time

  • Razor

    No, these numbers ARE up to date, but they are counting the double albums as actual units sold. All Eyez on Me for example, has currently sold over 5.8 million units as stated by XXL, making it over 11 x platinum. Its last certification was 9 x platinum but that was over 13 years ago, so its easily 11 x platinum by now. Me Against the World was last certified at 2 million, 15 years ago, so XXL’s figure of 3.5 million+ is probably about right for its current numbers.

  • Razor

    I just totaled the numbers, hes sold over 50 million in the USA alone (if you count the double albums as two, AEOM and Greatest Hits sold 11 million and 10 million respectively, RUSD and Until the End of Time 4 million each, and Better Dayz is triple platinum)….easily the top selling rapper ever.

  • George J

    XXL’s numbers are right on the money. They are US sales only. Therefore, they’re correct. I’m a Tupac stan. I know betta than y’all, believe me.

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