Talk to ‘Em: Joe Budden’s Crazy Random Tweets

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    Talk to 'Em: Joe Budden's Crazy Random Tweets
    In 140 characters of less, Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) is sure to have you cracking up via his Twitter account. Whether he’s suggesting that his followers have sex to Jay-Z and Kanye West's "No Church In the Wild” or questioning them for boning skinny chicks doggy style, Joey knows how to entertain the people. But Joey's been in rare form lately. rates five of Joe Budden's recent crazy random tweets. Talk to em!—<em>Ralph Bristout</em>
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    <strong>Informative:</strong> XL<br /><strong>Funny:</strong> XL<br /><strong>Random:</strong> XL<br /><strong>Crazy:</strong>L<br /><strong>Overall:</strong> XL<br />
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    <strong>Informative:</strong>L<br /><strong>Funny:</strong> XL<br /><strong>Random:</strong> XL<br /><strong>Crazy:</strong>XL<br /><strong>Overall:</strong> XL<br />
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    <strong>Informative:</strong> L<br /><strong>Funny:</strong> XL<br /><strong>Random:</strong> XL<br /><strong>Crazy:</strong>L<br /><strong>Overall:</strong> XL<br />
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    <strong>Informative:</strong> M<br /><strong>Funny:</strong> XL<br /><strong>Random:</strong> XL<br /><strong>Crazy:</strong>XL<br /><strong>Overall:</strong> XL<br />
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    <strong>Informative:</strong> M<br /><strong>Funny:</strong> XL<br /><strong>Random:</strong> XL<br /><strong>Crazy:</strong> L<br /><strong>Overall:</strong> L<br />

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