R&B Singers Who Can Beat Up Rappers


The Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz fight gave boxing fans a lot to talk about this past weekend, but for hip-hop heads, the throw down between R&B singer Ray J and rapper Fabolous was definitely the main event.

Ray and Fab apparently exchanged blows in Las Vegas over the weekend after attending the highly-touted boxing match. The conflict was sparked when Fab—hours before the fight— took to Twitter to poke fun at Ray J for playing a "concert" in Mayweather's living room in an episode of HBO's 24/7. A fight later erupted when the two men bumped into one another at a fight after-party. Ray called into New York's Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club morning show to clear up the rumors yesterday (Sept. 19).

"I socked that nigga in the face, my nigga, one time," a hyped Ray J told the Breakfast Club trio over the phone. "All I'm saying is if you've got Fab's number, tell that nigga to send a picture of his face right now. I ain't playing games with these bitch ass niggas."

Fab also called into Power 105 later that night to address the incident. Speaking with DJ Clue, the Brooklyn MC said he and Ray got into a scuffle, but no punches were thrown.

There's no telling whether Ray J truly whooped Fab, but XXL can think of a few R&B singers who look capable of knocking out rappers. Let's get ready to rumble!—Gina Montana

Bobby Brown


He might be allegedly clean these days, but, Bobby Brown still got that crazy look in his eyes. The same way Whitney Houston's ex fought addiction, he can fight any rapper on any given day simply because, well, it's his prerogative!

D' Angelo


D'Angelo might've put on some weight, but the R&B crooner sure looks like he can still punch the lights out of someone... that's if he can catch 'em.



Don't let the gentleman swag fool you. Jaheim's cornrows and usually-exposed muscles are an indication that he keeps it street all day if need be.

Lyfe Jennings


The man is currently serving three years in jail for an altercation with his baby-moms and for bucking shots outside of a man's house where the mother of his child was allegedly lodged. 'Nuff said.

Mr. Biggs


Four words: Just ask R. Kelly.

Tony Sunshine


He may be a short guy with a sweet voice, but Tony Sunshine won't only kick your ass, he might bring the choppers out the car, too. Brrrrrraattttt!



Tyrese is a put-together fella, but, don't mess with Black Ty. The wrinkles on his forehead are proof that he has no mercy.