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  • Sha

    Hmmmm…. I couple of questions……

    How much do you think Murs tipped the barber that cut his hair?
    Don’t you kinda feel sorry for the dude who had to sweep that up?

    Should Murs be taking advice from a dude as irrelevant (currently) as Damon Dash?

    Do you think Damon Dash has a “moonshine still” in his backyard or basement?

    If Damon Dash truly believes advice why isn’t he getting more paper than Murs?

  • SuperBrownBum

    its funny u say “currently”…. reminds me of curren$y.

    Dame Dash : Curren$y TRIED FOR YEARS then w/ Dame it all fell 2gether for him…… The Black Keys TRIED FOR YEARS then w/ Dame they made some SERIOUS ITunes noise, next thing u know : mad nominations & 2 grammys…. & AS A FAN OF THE REAL more than I am the “industry” I could go on.

    Murs is a Rap Artist. ((getting more paper than Dame ?)) Dame quite a few more hats than Rap Mogul. (u must hate so u wont research that).

    MURS TRIED FOR YEARS :: This time around w/ Ski & Dame he will get the RIGHT attention (i think) & from there he’ll take off.

    • SuperBrownBum

      *Dame WEARS quite a few more hats than Rap Mogul.

    • The Dude

      @SuperBrownBum man you seriously have no idea what you’re talking about. the Black Keys tried for years. as far as most people are concerned they had a roll of some of the best rock n’roll records since Nirvana before they hooked up with Dame. They were touring America and a good part of the world when they did Blakroc.

      as far as Curren$y, do you remember the mixtape roll that he was on before he even hooked up with Dame. he was on the come up regardless. take into consideration the fact that him and Wiz went together to meet Dame in NY. Wiz left, and Curren$y stayed around. I guess Curren$y got dealt the lesser hand because he stayed, because Wiz is perfectly fine. Also, that Wiz and Curren$y collabo was so mythical that brothers are still trying to figure out a way to get together again on a project.

      Get your facts right, Dame didn’t make anyone anybody. They were making themselves. Dame just jumped ship to try and get credit, just like he tried to do with Kanye.