Meet Lil Wayne’s New Producers

Carter IV Production Credit:
“How to Love”
Lil Wayne “How to Love” How did you land on Tha Carter IV

Detail: It was an organic process of Wayne getting a bunch of music together and wanting to do something different and it worked. We approached something different with no features and something he could just sing on. Wayne is always open to that type of stuff if it’s hot. I just think it’s the magic of it. We did it for ourselves. We embraced the song so much for ourselves that once it got to the world, they just felt what we felt.

How did you get word that the record would be a single off the album?

As soon as we did the record, we all felt big about it. We felt so big about the record. You probably heard the record that wound up being leaked out called, “You the Shit.” I did that record too and that’s a singing record. We just got into that zone and felt big about “How to Love” more because it had a positive effect. It’s something that’s talked about that people don’t really talk about. Even the video, everything. We knew exactly what we wanted to target. I saw MTV Jams played it and then [Tupac’s] “Brenda’s Got a Baby.” When I seen that it made me feel good. Somebody connected with what we did and delivered it to the world like that.

How many songs did ya’ll wind up doing together?

I’d say about six.

How about the other records that y’all cut? Were they similar to “How to Love” in sound or were they very different?

They were all pretty much similar. Everything I did was pretty much singing.

In the July issue of XXL Lil Wayne said, “these niggas beats been suckin.” What are your thoughts on those comments?

Well, not to speak down on any producers that didn’t make the album and I can only speak for myself. When it comes down to the whole music shit, I’m very versatile. I’m probably the best out here. If you put me on the scale with any other producer, I’m very diverse and I’m probably the best nigga in the game. I like when an artist is looking that deep into producers and looking around and hearing the same shit. That’s where I come in.

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  • King Richard Aka Da God Of Rap

    good piece xxl,ima artist & like behind da scenes shyt…..

  • L

    Idk i didnt really like the album that much

  • swype-matic

    Did he reach out to new producers so he could avoid paying the others?

  • mon

    he better pay for my beat

  • TheyDontPayForBeats

    Next year the headline will be “Meet the latest Plantiffs for unpaid beats”

  • comeon

    man these motherfuckers talk like they are some a whole diff level, but all that shit sounds like everything else young money do, these guys ego trippin….

  • marlon

    man get back with manny fresh

  • Sean Izzle

    Tha Carter IV is definitely one of the worst albums ive eard in a good while. Tha Carter IV needs Mannie Fresh produced music, like dude up said.

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