Meet Lil Wayne’s New Producers

Carter IV Production Credit:
“She Will”

How did you land on C4?
Pretty much I was working on Drake’s album. We were finishing up Take Care and what happened was, he got a phone call from Wayne, he wanted to do a record so Wayne hit me up and he was like, “Yo, man, let’s just do a record for this Carter IV project.” So that’s pretty much how it happened.

So Drake started the record and then handed the record to Wayne?

Pretty much, yea. I was pretty much chipping out beats for Drake and then he took the beat. He did the hook on it and then Wayne took it from there.

Is it the same thing that happened for “I’m on One?” DJ Khaled, Drake recorded his part and then sent it back?

Exactly, we just work together. We collaborate on a bunch of projects. Whenever an artist comes, or whenever somebody comes ask for a record, usually me and Drake will just kinda collaborate and do that.

Did you work on any other songs for Tha Carter IV?

“She Will” was the only record I did.

And obviously you were in the studio with Drake, but not Wayne for those sessions.

I was in one session one time with Wayne and Drake where we were building stuff, but nothing really came of any of the records. Pretty much I was there during the process of Tha Carter IV, but the only record we came up with was “She Will.”

What did you name the beat before you and Drake started working on it?

Oh, that’s so funny. I named the beat, it was actually called “Amp Violin Beat.” What happened was when I was creating the beat I took this violin sound and I put this amp over the top of guitar amp and it kinda gave it the effect of a guitar. It’s actually at the beginning beat. If you listen closely there’s like a guitar sound. I just named it based on what the sound of the beat was.

In the July issue of XXL, Lil Wayne said, “these niggas beats been suckin.” What are your thoughts on those comments?

I don’t know, man, I guess that’s his own opinion. I guess he’s not really reaching to me, Boi-1Da and Hit-Boy ‘cause those are my boys. Recently we’ve just been killing shit. Hit-Boy recently, he did the “Niggas in Paris” [for Jay-Z and Kanye West] and I’m proud of him for that. And Boi-1Da he’s just been doing it. That’s a big influence on the record.


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  • King Richard Aka Da God Of Rap

    good piece xxl,ima artist & like behind da scenes shyt…..

  • L

    Idk i didnt really like the album that much

  • swype-matic

    Did he reach out to new producers so he could avoid paying the others?

  • mon

    he better pay for my beat

  • TheyDontPayForBeats

    Next year the headline will be “Meet the latest Plantiffs for unpaid beats”

  • comeon

    man these motherfuckers talk like they are some a whole diff level, but all that shit sounds like everything else young money do, these guys ego trippin….

  • marlon

    man get back with manny fresh

  • Sean Izzle

    Tha Carter IV is definitely one of the worst albums ive eard in a good while. Tha Carter IV needs Mannie Fresh produced music, like dude up said.

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