Meet Lil Wayne’s New Producers

Carter IV Production Credit: “Blunt Blowin”
Lil Wayne “Blunt Blowin” How did you land on C4?

Develop: I flew out to Miami personally when he had come home [from prison]. I would say about 10 days before he was coming home—everyone had already known they was throwing him the party—so I knew I was gonna go out to Miami to see him. And I knew I’d go to check him in the studio. I made that track “Blunt Blowin” about 10 days before he got out, before I left for Miami.

Did you make that with him in mind?

Yeah, I made that for him. I thought about it, I was like, “Aight, my nigga comin’ home, I need to make some silly shit.” Eight months in, I know he wants to go crazy. He wants to just lose his mind on it. So I had all that in mind. When I was making it, I was thinking super cinematic, walking through hell, fucking shackles. I was thinking all these things. That’s why the intro is so long. I wanted him to just make it very movie-like. And then explode into the traditional Wayne shit.

Were you in the studio when he was laying vocals?

Hell yeah. That was the first night. He came home, I think it was on a Thursday, then they had the party Sunday in Miami, the welcome home party. And then Monday was the first day he was back in the studio. So that Monday when I got in, he was recording I think “Fire Flame (Remix).” There were a bunch of people there. People sending beats. People playing beats. Everyone was walking in and out. It was a happy moment. We were all excited to see him. A lot of people played him stuff before me, and I guess he wasn’t ecstatic about anything in particular, so he asked me what I had, I was like I got this, and that was the first joint. He just heard it, went crazy and was like, “Alright, this is what I’m gonna record to. It was pretty much his first song when he came out of jail. We were there for two days working on that record.

You said you had some other things that weren’t on there?

Yeah, that didn’t make Tha Carter IV, but they were for Tha Carter IV. On my birthday, Banger hit me up asking me for a record that I had done a while back. It was almost around the Rebirth time and it was Wayne and Drake and it was done before Drake was poppin’. I guess they had redone it and got on it, so it was Wayne, and Drake. But I guess they didn’t end up choosing it.

What was the name of the beat before you gave it to Wayne?

“Passion’s Pain.” It’s funny. Have you ever heard Lil Wayne’s “Brand New”?


The name of the track was “midnight in Aspen”—that’s what I named the beat—and Wayne starts the verse off, “I’m cold like a midnight in Aspen.”

In the July issue of XXL Lil Wayne said, “these niggas beats been suckin.” What are your thoughts on those comments?

Yeah. I agree.

What are your thoughts on him saying that?

The last four months, I’ve been out in Europe, and in Europe they don’t play none of this shit. At least where I’m at I don’t hear no rap music at all. So my ear’s been kind of maturing a little bit maybe to the other side of the world.


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  • King Richard Aka Da God Of Rap

    good piece xxl,ima artist & like behind da scenes shyt…..

  • L

    Idk i didnt really like the album that much

  • swype-matic

    Did he reach out to new producers so he could avoid paying the others?

  • mon

    he better pay for my beat

  • TheyDontPayForBeats

    Next year the headline will be “Meet the latest Plantiffs for unpaid beats”

  • comeon

    man these motherfuckers talk like they are some a whole diff level, but all that shit sounds like everything else young money do, these guys ego trippin….

  • marlon

    man get back with manny fresh

  • Sean Izzle

    Tha Carter IV is definitely one of the worst albums ive eard in a good while. Tha Carter IV needs Mannie Fresh produced music, like dude up said.

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