Lupe Fiasco Speaks on Troy Davis Execution [Video]

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  • anonymous

    Lupe Fiasco is irrelevant

  • Kilo


  • iliveonce1

    lupe is the best new lyricist….he stands for real shit..
    fuck these haters on this site.. fuck these haters who are ruled by fear…

    maybe Lupe Fiasco have to “dum it down” for you pussy ass haters

  • ackoolness

    an innocent man is being put to death today, at least someone is talking about it. you asses.

  • Lo Down

    LOL, what’s a ‘Lupe Fiasco’ ? Must be his new slave name.

  • DA C

    Lupe isn’t new, he’s been on the scene before he was on “Touch the Sky” and that was back in ’05 so he’s more than relevant.

  • nuccia

    u bunch of asses, new slave name u must be white lol, well so am ill tell u this its ur white ass that is gonna be slaved in this day and age dont forget us white women are fucking all these black men and having babies so ur white ass is gonna be the minority… ugh white anglosaxin americans make me sick, GOD has a plan for u.
    beautiful italian women has spoke her peace thank u

  • meermkirby

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