Killer Mike Speaks at Troy Davis Rally [Video]

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  • Cornell.South

    Where are all tha comments on this post? This is what should be the “hot-topic” but sadly, itz not. WTF? Now, I ask ya’ll this- where are the Killer Mike clones @? Rappaz are scared to emulate greatness-they’d rather be like the rapists of our communities instead.

  • SalemPoor

    Most rappers don’t care. The ones that do are scared. But the ones that matter were there, in Jackson, Georgia. (BIG BOI & Killer Mike. If you are a rapper and was somewhere in Georgia on Wednesday but didn’t show support, Your services are no longer needed. You weren’t doing shit. We don’t need no more rappers. The ones that don’t care or the scared ones are cancers to our communities at this point. Listen to their subject matter. I’m deaf to them. Especially the ones that were still sending tweets about their silly ass music while everything was going on.