In order to shine on stage, a rapper’s jewelry game has to be on point. Over the years MCs have wowed audiences with their unique styles, from Slick Rick’s big truck gold chains, to Gucci Mane’s cute and cuddly cartoon character themed necklaces, to Kanye West’s artsy fartsy Takashi Murakami designed Jesus piece.

In the video for rookie Queens artist OX’s new song with Prodigy, “Killer Squad,” the newcomer is rocking an iced-out charm of the Rawkus Records logo. But he turned the defunct label’s razor blade icon—a symbol that came to represent the backpack rap movement of the late 1990s and its signature artists, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Pharoahe Monch—into the sign of his crew, the L Gang.

One can’t be mad; the Rawkus image is simply a box cutter, which can be used to represent many things (both legal and illegal), which got us thinking; what other record company emblems could be re-interpreted and sooner or later end up on a rapper’s neck? We call this one, jacking for logos. —Jesse Gissen


The “G” logo of the Geffen Records brand is probably being turned into a big platinum piece as you read this. Gangsta!


Doesn’t the upside down dancer guy in the Tommy Boy Records logo look like a chalked outline of a dead body? Get the picture?


The Warner Bros. image might look like a “W” at first glance, but it’s really just two-and-a-half lines. Lines of what, exactly? Can’t say, but a lot of rapper’s claim to sell it.


Speaking of coke, the trumpet from the A&M Records insignia could be a clever way for a rapper to show his listeners he used to sell blow. Ha!


Back when Yeezy was in his Mad Men phase while promoting 2010’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the signature suited-up hipster from ska label 2 Tone Records would have been a perfect fit.