Is Drake Pulling a Kanye With Take Care?

In the last four months since chatter about his forthcoming Take Care album began to heavily circulate on the net, Drake has released a handful of tracks potentially set to appear on the highly-anticipated set.

In May he dropped “Dreams Money Can Buy,” and a month later, “Marvin’s Room” premiered on his Octobersveryown site, the same day the album’s October 24 release date was announced; a video for the latter was shot and released shortly after. Drake then followed with “Headlines,” the first official single off the set, in July.

After taking a short hiatus in August, Aubrey leaked two more tracks via his blog just this past weekend, one titled ”Free Spirit” featuring Rick Ross and another named “Club Paradise.”

Now, Drizzy is by no means a wannabe or a copy-cat, but his recent flood of viral releases has left XXL wondering if the Toronto boy is possibly taking a page from Kanye West’s book by releasing a significant number of tracks off the upcoming album before its release, much like ‘Ye did with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Is Drizzy following in Kanye’s footsteps? And, will this marketing scheme work this time around?

Although it seems as if Drake himself is the culprit behind the Noah “40″ Shebib-produced leaks, it appears Universal Motown, the label Drake is signed to, has sent cease & desist letters to all the sites that had download links to the tracks. Still, while one might not get to add the music to their collection, one still can easily get a listen—or many listens, at that—before the album is actually up for grabs.

With that in mind, XXL poses the question: is Drizzy pulling a Kanye West? And will fans buy Take Care if they can listen to most of it online, for free, before the official release? Cast your vote below.

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  • tha truth

    who cares about drake…support real hiphop…support RED ALBUM..all day..west spits real bars..

    • jimmyjam33

      game spits names, and bites peoples styles.

    • n chapter

      drake doesnt talk about shooting niggas… derp derp derp, shut the fuck bro. just because you dont like his shit doesnt mean the rest of the internet readers wont yea?

  • King Richard Aka Da God Of Rap

    game is real hip hop & he’s called the “game” 4 a reason meaning he can imitate any1 n rap & has alot of styles but drake will sell aite nt as much b4 tho….

  • black jesus

    disney drake is a fag. hes the only person in 2011 that can make a song with rick ross and have it be wack.

  • greenlite616

    I get tired of people always dissing Drake when dude can actually rhyme not saying I like everthing from Drake but when he’s on point he’s on point

  • Kuanzipropertyofoctober

    Listen to drake u might learn something and stop hating on the young dude coz he aint talkng bwt gunz,ths is the changing world learn to adopt

  • Tony

    It’s actually a smart move on Drake’s behalf.Think about it this way….In a world of digital downloads & album leaks, it’s pretty smart of Drake to intentionally put out tracks off Take Care himself, because that prevents other people from leaking the record before hand.True, a majority of the people who leak the records are fans of the artists whom they leak, who are just attempting to share what they have in hands, not thinking about possibilities that they could sabotage album sells through leaking, but Drake beat the people to the leak.He leaked it himself.He’s basically stating through his leaks, subliminally of course, that he doesn’t care about album leaks, he has confidence in himself, in what he’s spitting, that no matter how long the tracks been out, that his album will sell.That’s the only thing a artist really needs, is self confidence, & Drake has plenty of it.

  • Jay

    haha yu cnt say drake not real hip hop he been making money off thiz n he still goin strongg ! The game outplayed he can rapp but he needa hang his jersey up n step off the rap court..

  • kidfuego

    Game is irrelevent BASEGOD!!!