Interscope Offices Used By Cocaine Ring, Says Feds

A narcotics ring that shipped large amounts of cocaine and cash across the United States used the offices of Interscope Records to arrange pickups and deliveries, The Smoking Gun reported on Thursday (September 15).

Federal officials say these are findings from a year-long Drug Enforcement Administration investigation, the same investigation that led to the indictment of Czar Entertainment CEO and Game manager James Rosemond on 18 felony charges that could result in having him sentenced to life in prison.

TSG further reports that while its unclear how the players in the narcotics ring had access to Interscope’s offices, the Game records on the label and his road manager has been named in the trafficking plot.

Rosemond is currently being held without bail in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan. —Jakinder Singh

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  • My name is Eugene

    When are these so called hustlers are gonna learn that the drug game is not like the movies.
    With the technology and snitches that we have nowadays,it’s best to get a regular job or go back to school because it’s not worth it nowadays.
    Especially when it seems like we’re living in a more conservative world and people want more rules and new laws making worse for people who do this kind of stuff.

    • $yk

      from your comment I can see that you have no clue as to what truly goes on in the business world…keep thinking all in a business suit are squeaky clean…you’re about to get the shock of your life…

      • lanwuzhere

        Definitely…. The average street dude might make it look like he’s the one callin shots but 9 times outta ten his supplier livin life like the average person but gettin more money the the rest….Musically speakin think how dre, 50, and em all made good money at Interscope but Jimmy Iovine got top dollar off of it all…