Hip-Hop Mourns Troy Davis

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  • Mark

    R.I.P. Troy Davis

  • Sha

    Everyone can relate to this one…. Remember the last time you got accused of something and you were innocent? Do you remember how infuriating that sh*t was?

    Now imagine…..

    Imagine being accused of something more serious. Like murder. Imagine you’re locked up and doing 20 or so years for that sh*t, and you’re innocent. Imagine they give you the death penalty over it. And all the while, you’re innocent. Imagine it’s your last day on earth and the hour of your lethal injection bid is around the corner. Imagine trying to make peace with the fact that you’re about to check out. Then imagine the emotional roller coaster your heart is in when that hour passes because the Supreme Court decided to take a closer look at your case. Imagine you’re sitting there…. Waiting…. Having faith in humanity. Praying that “color” and “class” aren’t the determining factors for you even being in this predicament. After all, WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT. You tell yourself this as you wait for The Supreme Court. But deep down, you know what’s up. Imagine when your lawyer comes to you and finally tells you, “Denied”. Imagine the pain. The agony. Imagine them strapping you in. Imagine looking through that glass window of death at your “supposed” accusers…. Imagine that…. Imagine with your last breath you tell those same people that blame you, you’re innocent, expecting someone, ANYONE with half a brain to stand up and at least RAISE A VOICE OF PROTEST in that room. Imagine. Imagine those same blamers looking back at you as if to say, “Good Riddance, scum bag.” Imagine. Imagine the pity you feel for the people that have to kill you, and none of them really want to do it. Imagine.

    Now imagine you’re raising a daughter or son in this place called America…. What do you tell them?

    • Magnito

      Good words Sha. The most fucked up part of this whole sad situation that infuriates me is the alleged killer is probably sitting at home watching all this. How could this person sleep at night knowing he has sent an innocent man to his death. He may have conned the US Supreme Court, GA Police and G.P.P into thinking he was innocent eye witness but he wont be able to do this when his judgement day comes. RIP IAMTROYDAVIS

  • JugularKill

    One last thing to hold on to.

    Sylvester “Redd” Coles still has a chance to turn himself in.

    Hopefully soon

    B4 he dies of some random cause

  • JugularKill

    Just read some of these rappers tweets,

    All witnesses changed their statements saying they were blackmailed, threatened and tricked into testifying that Troy was the killer. Three said Sylvester “Redd” Coles confessed that he killed the cop.

    The only one witness who didn’t change his testament was Sylvester “Redd” Coles the actual murderer. Smart guy after he shot 2 people that day the next day he got an attorney & went to the police station to say he witnessed Troy Davis kill the cop.

    Troy Davis held his innocence up to his death.
    He told everyone “god bless you” before he went…you think he would use gods name in vain before he dies?

    When these dumb ass rappers say “I don’t know if he’s guilty or not” but they see thousands of people protesting…Makes me mad. They have the resources to know, they’re black it’s in their interest to know.

    Also “fuck Lupe” you will get more knowledge listening to Mike Jones than that nigga!

  • karlette

    another hit produced by hiddenfaces @hiddenfaces