Five Things Jay-Z Meant When He Tweeted Chris Brown


On Monday, Jay-Z set Twitter ablaze by tweeting “Chris Brown” out to the masses. Moments later, the tweet was eerily deleted. This left many pondering what exactly did Hov mean when he tweeted Breezy’s name? Well, XXL decided to take a few stabs at it. Here are five guesses at what Jigga may have meant by tweeting “Chris Brown.” Now, this is Jay-Z: Decoded.



Watching Chris Brown’s solid performance at the MTV Video Music Awards the day before, Jay may have been giving the young fella a shout out and quelling rumors about him being irate with Breezy following the Rihanna situation. A truce of sorts.

Teach Me How to Dougie


Jay-Z isn't exactly known for his dance moves. The God MC might have tweeted “Chris Brown” as a bat-call in hopes that the young star would teach him how to Dougie. Laughing, are you? Well, Hov did try the dance in an Arizona nightclub last October...and failed.

Telling Chris Brown to Watch the Throne


It’s possible that Jay appreciated Chris Brown’s performance, but that there’s still no love lost and was telling him to "Watch the Throne, young'n." It's your boy, Hov!

Naming Baby Chris Brown?


Arguably the best rapper at throwing subliminal punches in his rhymes, Jay-Z was perhaps simply foretelling the name of his baby. I mean, Beyonce did announce her pregnancy and maybe the Jigga Man was so inspired by Chris Brown’s performance that he decided right then and there at the VMAs to go with Chris Brown Carter as the baby’s name. And if it's a girl? Christina Brown Carter.

Methaphor For Cool Weather


Also known for his metaphors through his illustrious career, there’s a good chance that Shawn Carter was just dropping a weather forecast for us. After all, the summer is essentially over and the weather is about to dip and get sea Breezy. Not C. Breezy.