Fans Vote: Would Lil Wayne Had Sold More Tha Carter IV Copies at $0.99? [Poll Results]

Lil Wayne sold 964,000 copies of his Tha Carter IV album first week, becoming the second highest-selling album of 2011 after Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. Which begs the question: if Weezy had sold his for $0.99, like Gaga did, would he had beat Gaga for the No. 1 spot? We polled our readers and here’s what they had to say:

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  • Hector

    The real question is… would lady gaga have sold a mill plus if she would have not sold her album for 99 cents and kept it at full price.

    As far as im concerned the real impressive numbers are waynes since he almost sold a mill without stupid marketing tactics….

  • Truth B Told

    this is strait logic! Off course he hould!

  • tumza

    i never thought that weezy would enjoy the sale sucess as tha carter 3. My hat off to him. As for lady gaga wonder how much she got from the album sales

    • wtf

      when amazon sells a major release for 99cents, they still purchase it at the standard price, they take a loss when selling it as a means of attracting new users to their site as customers in the hopes it will translate into future sales

  • @ayo_jay_jo

    you needed to ask the audience for this one?

  • Bawse

    Wayne wouldve done a mill if it wasnt for all these natural disasters goin on since last week and right now that nigga already sold a milli by now anyway

  • huh?

    question should be did he sell more because his album was full price.. there has to be a point at which an album for 99cents is viewed as worthless ie not worth having… ppl need to stop: lil b drops a mixtape six weeks after an album souja boy 8 full length projects in one year …artists are de-valuing their own products–shits crazy

    i grew up paying 20bux for cds and i honestly miss that.. i remember buying the chronic, chronic 2001, the first couple outkast joints, etc for twenty and really feeling like i got something valuable–those albums literally sounded expensive and it felt great…the same way you feel when u spend good bread on some fly clothes…

    of course to do that artists have to make some fly ass albums worth that kind of bread

  • baba

    well, as far as i know the people who bought lady gaga’s album for 0,99$ also received 20GB storage on amazon or something. i saw a lot people on forums saying they bought the album because of this storage they received. lady gaga needed to sell that much to stay relevant. i wouldnt even be surprised if her label bought the albums back from amazon. amazon is one of the most talked topics in the industry sine gaga sold a million copies. so it was a win-win situation for all of them.

  • baba

    btw no artist is able to sell a million copies right now. baby helped wayne and amazon helped gaga and swift!!!