Fans Vote: Which Rock the Bells Performance Are You Most Excited About? [Poll Results]

Rock the Bells hit NYC this past weekend, and to celebrate its Big Apple stop, XXL polled readers to ask which performance was their favorite. Here’s what they had to say:

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  • Champstar

    this poll result is bullshit! i sat here online lastnight and voted like 100 time for wu-tang just by refreshing the page and voting again and again…..and again……and AGAIN!!…And To Top It Off….I NEVER even got to see the concert living in canada!!….just something i wanted to point out!!….someone who manages the site should FIX the polls so you can only vote once!!

    • Fapstar

      If they would limit votes to one vote/person the ‘Total Votes’ would sink from 436 to 100. +50% of the voters are professional efans that want their “underrated” mcee to have a lot of votes.

      Who the hell checks for rap news on XXL when we got RapRadar and them other actively updated sites?