Three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), a new artist is featured on’s The Break. An ideal destination for fans, artists, and industry members, The Break showcases up and coming talent, giving a brief introduction on the artist or group, and highlighting some of their standout music. Each month, industry insiders will team with XXL to rate and comment on the submissions.

Mixtape DJ and influencer DJ ill Will, who has worked with a who's who of rap's biggest stars, is one of the industry guests for the month of September. Below, check out his comments, and see which of these artists has what it takes.

Rating: L
First of all seeing the name of the band I already knew I was going to be dealing with something a little more left field.  Their music seems to be a blend of Rock and Rap which to me is kinda cool...the hybrid artists definitely seem to be working as of lately. As far as the music, I think they got beats and sonically its pretty quality...personally its probably not my cup of tea but with the already present 9th wonder production and the possibility of some big records in the future I could see them making a stir.

Green Street
Rating: L
These guys got a little old school in them with a twist of the new school... I hate to say it but a little hipster in them as well.  The music and visuals seemed real and honest and I think they have talent for sure but I would like to see something a little more groundbreaking personally. I feel like I have seen so many artists like this before,
but I can't knock the fact that they are talented, they just need to stick out more instead of blend in with what we can already get from our favorite Hip-Hop traditionalist
like Little Brother, Nas, Black Star etc.

Rating: XL
I am actually already familiar with Guyana from her recent mixtape with Bigga Rankin. What can I say..the girl can spit..flat out period. And she can sing/harmonize hooks. She has an image that can work easily mainstream as well. The only issue I see with her thus far is the Nicki comparisons or the fact that she is similar to all the other major female MC's that have cracked the mainstream ie. Kim, Foxy, Trina etc.  I think if she went outside the box instead of co-existing with the competition she would have a real chance. I know she has a serious work ethic so she might just break off that alone.

Rating: L
Kinda reminded me of Necro mixed with Odd Future in the box cutter video but it looked like a one time concept video thing...thank god. The kid can spit...definitely got bars
and the pure Hip-Hop feel to his music. It sure doesn't hurt to have a joint with Budden either. Maybe being from the Westcoast and Midwest originally I am not as pure when it comes to this vibe of music to really judge it properly but I think the kid is talented and for those Eastcoast music heads I can see them following him or at least falling
for some of his records.

Chris Faust
Rating: L
He seems to make very chill music you can smoke to or just live your everyday life and have it playing in the background.  His bars are up to speed and he obviously has a talent for putting together records not just raps. I just don't know...I feel like something is missing to draw me in more...I feel like I don't know what he's about after listening to 3 records and that keeps me from committing completely as a fan.

Caddy Da Don
Rating: M
"Grindin On Me" is catchy as shit...dude just reminds me of Ross TOO MUCH - voice and image wise. It seems like he got some money behind him by the videos which is never
a bad thing.  All his songs are catchy, I just think dude looks too much like a "stereotypical rapper" that's the only drawback to me. I'm sure if he puts the right money behind the right record he can do some Plies or 2 Pistols damage but I think he needs to overhaul his image to maintain some originality and break as an artist instead of just break RECORDS.

Rating: M
First of all one of the first things that pushe me away from new artists are freestyles over mainstream hit records. It doesn't show me much talent wise to just spit bars over an already established hit record and to be honest if people want to hear someone rap over a Jay-Z or a Kanye record its gonna be Jay-Z or Kanye (laughs). But no hate...just speaking from the heart... freestyles have no shelf life and prove nothing...original records can last forever!! On to the review...I think the kid has talent and I don't
want to knock his hustle. Do yourself a favor and stick to original records and you will give yourself a better shot.

Young Scolla
Rating: XL
This kid is dope...good beats, catchy records and most importantly substance to his records. I came across a record he has with MGK earlier this year and have been meaning to check him out. Kid is dope period...he has a bright future, with the right team he can go a long way!