50 Songs Referencing XXL


For the past 14 years, XXL has found its way within a number of your favorite rhymes. Whether artists are bragging about their cover spot (“I’m on the cover of the XXL giving ‘em hell”) or providing extra promo (“Let me give you mutherfuckas some help: uhh, here XXL, XXL”) and in some extreme cases, threatening to blow up the office (Thanks Bow Wow), the 1115 crew has endured a shit load of mentions. In celebration of XXL's 14-year anniversary, XXLMag.com compiled a list of 50 lines referencing the XXL brand.—Ralph Bristout


“Okay, let me give you motherfuckers some help: uhh, here XXL, XXL/Now your magazine shouldn't have so much trouble to sell”—Eminem “Marshall Mathers,” The Marshall Mathers LP (2000)


“I’m on the cover of the XXL giving ‘em hell/What I’m saying is Buck got records to sell”—Young Buck “Teach ‘Em Bout Playin’,” (2007)


“My photo, on cover of the Vibe, a nigga so live/It’s GQ, XXL and Black Enterprise”—50 Cent “Boomerang,” (2011)


“Although we grindin we on the grind and cause we tryin to reach our destiny/Whether it's hell whether it's jail/Or it's the cover of the XXL!”—Saigon Featuring Layzie Bone “Better Way,” The Greatest Story Never Told (2011)


“Putting oil on her likes like she Gloria Velez/She was Eye Candy in the XXL”— Game “Wouldn't Get Far,” Doctor’s Advocate (2006)



“Im in the whip makin cop patrol much, donuts/So what, on time fuck XXL I wanna be on TIME”—XV “Warmup Freestyle,” 30 Minute Layover (2010)

Young Buck

“Get that dough, Fuck them hoes!/WHAT? THE BEST SELL!/That's how GGG- G-Unit rolls! C'mon! XXL!”—Young Buck feat. 50 Cent “Calicos,” (2003)


“You might've seen my face in a couple pages in the XXL/But if I can't walk around in my own neighborhood, then leave that shit on the shelf”—Big K.R.I.T. Featuring Yelawolf “Hometown Hero (Remix)” Country Cu$$inz (2010)


"See me on the cover of your Double XL/Takin' a holiday at the hotel"—Dave (De La Soul) "Simply" AOI: Bionix (2001)


29. “Then I bail, Quasimodo over that lease, I'm ringing bells/I won't fail to stay off that milk carton and XXL”—XV “Uptown Freestyle” (2009)


“I'm back on the cover of the Source and the XXL, Floatin' all through the (Streets of Compton)”—Game “Da Shit,” Doctor’s Advocate, (2006)


“Got the Vibe I like my wife beater, XXL and once I find the Source and turn the cross”—Wyclef Jean “David Banner,” Let’s Ride 7


“In your XXL’s, Sources my crew is rowdy/When them hammers back out we leave the whole block cloudy”—DJ Whoo Kid feat. Littles & Mobb Deep “Burn Something,” (2002)


“This verse goes out to my niggas in jail/Beatin they dicks to the double-X-L Magazine”—Lil Kim “How Many Licks?” The Notorious K.I.M. (2000)


“XXL favorite quote, what else do I need to post?, I am not no homophobe, good thing I don't read The Post”—Wale “The Soup,” More About Nothing (2010)




“I’m back, muthafucker/Notice the flyness on the cover of the XXL/I’m back from the dead like Tobey Maguire from the Brothers”—Royce Da 5'9" Featuring Eminem “Writer's Block,” Success Is Certain (2011)


“If it's murder he wrote it, if I'm lyin let the XXL quote it and know that I'm strictly a rap poet”—The Game “Troublesome,” West Coast Resurrection, (2005)


“Be in the XXL mag or in The Source/Being the King of the magazines and in a Porsche”—Royce Da 5”9 “Getting’ Money (Freestyle),” The Bar Exam 2 (2008)


1. “I bagged me a XXL Eye Candy/A little bling bling, got to Fresh like Mannie”—Redman & DJ Kool “That’s Where I B,” Redman Presents… Reggie (2010)


“Fuck XXL you're a size too small/I should hire Eminem so we can kill you all/Whether you live to talk shit about the Real/Then kiss my ass in person how much you love the Hill”—Outkast feat. B-Real “Xplosion,” Stankonia (1999)


“2 X’s 1 L, we the top 10”—French Montana feat. Nipsey Hu$$le, Big Sean, & Wiz Khalifa “I’m On It” (2010)


“I was just tryna bubble, get past slow-mo/I ain’t even ask for them XXL promos”— French Montana feat. Nicki Minaj “New York Minute (Remix),” (2010)


“Looking through my double XL, King Magazine/Flipping through the first pages, looking for a queen”—New Boyz “Magazine Girl,” Too Cool To Care (2011)

2011 BET Awards - Radio Room Day 1

“Give him a 1000 dollars he’ll tat it on his hand/Damn, that’s worse than me lyin sayin Olivia was a man/Ya XXL cover look like making of the band”—The Game “240 Bars” (2008)


“Call all hip hop dot coms, The Source, the Vibe, XXL, Murder Dog / I'm not lookin for stripes or stars my nigga, I gets paper, y'know?”— Master P “Best Hustlers,” Ghetto Bill (2005)


“And I heard the fake shit that you said in ya song/And I still love the nigga even though he was wrong/See, XXL will let you have the cover/If you say some fake shit about ya brother”—Mannie Fresh “My People,” Hood Rich, (2002)


“The Luda-meister got 'em feelin so randy, I'm XXL so I call 'em my Eye Candy”—Ludacris “Number One Spot,” Red Light District (2004)


“And to XXL: 'Fuck could a nigga say?/Y’all did the same old shit, jus a different day”—Los “Hustle Hard,” The Crown Ain’t Safe (2011)


“I’m at your local newsstand jerk/While the only XXL you been in was a shirt”—Lloyd Banks “Just Another Day,” A South Side Story (2006)


“Around the way girls be doing it well/They love the way that man looks on the XXL”—LL Cool J “Mirror Mirror” G.O.A.T. (2000)


“Look, I finna make ‘em catch hell, you saw the XXL/Me and my lil nigga finna school a baby G and real nigga”—Lil Boosie “Movies,” Bad Azz (2006)

Lil Flip

“Now when you see me in the Vibe, Murder Dog and The Source, and the XXL, standing next to a Porsche”—Lil Flip “7-1–3,” Undaground Legend (2002)


“I was at the XXL just tryin' to excel/Networking, meanwhile my stomach turning”— Kendrick Lamar “The Heart Pt. 1” (2011)


“Honey wanna know the details about my Ebony/Well that’s X-X-L/ Far as the penthouse, yeah that’s upscale”— Consequence feat. Dwele & Kanye West “Hold On (Remix),” The Cons Vol. 3, Da Comeback Kid (2009)


“I Got Bail Money, XXL money”— Jay-Z “Imaginary Player,” In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 (1997)


“So maybe my album won’t get 5 mics, or double-x-l’s, or 5 discs/Whatever man, fuck it”—Immortal Technique “The Message & The Money,” (2007)


“Now since I just seen my face up in the XXL, A few chicks want to text let’s chill, how obvious”—J. Cole “Knock Knock,” The Warm Up (2009)


“Get real close to the speaker I got a story to tell/He went from the front porch to the cover of XXL”—Game “I’m A Soldier,” (2004)


“I don’t need your little fuckin’ magazine. I got XXL number anyway. And, y’all can’t stand it cause they’re getting bigger than y’all”—Eminem “Nail in the Coffin,” Invasion (2006)


“Playin with your mind, makin you feel the Force/Had to cancel out, two punk niggaz up in The Source/Tried to get XXL, they still fell/Bitches go tell your troubles to Montel”—Cypress Hill “16 Men Till There’s No Men Left,” Cypress Hill IV (1998)


“My dick XXL/You can call me The Source”—50 Cent “Just A Touch”, Car Show Tour (2005)


“What duo you know get XXL kudos while copping Juilo/Classic sh*t, we mastered this/ Left for dead, I’m back, I’m Lazarus”—The Clipse “One Blood (Remix)” (2006)


“If XXL don’t give me the cover, I’m blowing up they offices”—Bow Wow “You Drinking Too Much,” Greenlight 4 (2011)


“As soon as I see 'em yeah I act like I they lil brother. I can't get no sauce on the XXL cover”—Bow Wow “I Can’t Lose,” Unleashed (2003)


“Yes of course it’s me and Diddy up first racin Porsches, With the big twin valve exhaust-es/On the cover of ya Vibe’s, XXL’s and Source’s b*tch”—P. Diddy Featuring Black Rob & Mark Curry “Bad Boy for Life,” The Saga Continues… (2001)

Big Krit

“For those that caught me in the Spin, in Complex magazine, XXL, the Vibe and whatever in between/It’s safe to say that dreams come true I guess”—Big K.R.I.T. “Dreamin’,” Returnof4eva (2011)


“Y’all groupies wanna talk, and send fanmail, cause y’all see me in The Source and the XXL (ha ha ha~!)”— 50 Cent feat. Tony Yayo “Tainted,” God’s Plan (2002)