50 Songs Referencing XXL

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    50 Songs Referencing <em>XXL</em>
    For the past 14 years, <em>XXL</em> has found its way within a number of your favorite rhymes. Whether artists are bragging about their cover spot (“I’m on the cover of the <em>XXL</em> giving ‘em hell”) or providing extra promo (“Let me give you mutherfuckas some help: uhh, here <em>XXL</em>, <em>XXL</em>”) and in some extreme cases, threatening to blow up the office (Thanks Bow Wow), the 1115 crew has endured a shit load of mentions. In celebration of <em>XXL</em>'s 14-year anniversary, XXLMag.com compiled a list of 50 lines referencing the <em>XXL</em> brand.—<em>Ralph Bristout</em>
  • eminemlive
    “Okay, let me give you motherfuckers some help: uhh, here XXL, XXL/Now your magazine shouldn't have so much trouble to sell”—Eminem “Marshall Mathers,” <em>The Marshall Mathers LP</em> (2000)
  • YoungBuck
    “I’m on the cover of the XXL giving ‘em hell/What I’m saying is Buck got records to sell”—Young Buck “Teach ‘Em Bout Playin’,” (2007)
  • 50Cent
    “My photo, on cover of the Vibe, a nigga so live/It’s GQ, XXL and Black Enterprise”—50 Cent “Boomerang,” (2011)
  • saigon911
    “Although we grindin we on the grind and cause we tryin to reach our destiny/Whether it's hell whether it's jail/Or it's the cover of the XXL!”—Saigon Featuring Layzie Bone “Better Way,” <em>The Greatest Story Never Told</em> (2011)
  • the-game-3
    “Putting oil on her likes like she Gloria Velez/She was Eye Candy in the XXL”— Game “Wouldn't Get Far,” <em>Doctor’s Advocate</em> (2006)
  • xv_thumb
    “Im in the whip makin cop patrol much, donuts/So what, on time fuck XXL I wanna be on TIME”—XV “Warmup Freestyle,” <em>30 Minute Layover</em> (2010)
  • Young Buck
    “Get that dough, Fuck them hoes!/WHAT? THE BEST SELL!/That's how GGG- G-Unit rolls! C'mon! XXL!”—Young Buck feat. 50 Cent “Calicos,” (2003)
  • yelawolf-456-012711
    “You might've seen my face in a couple pages in the XXL/But if I can't walk around in my own neighborhood, then leave that shit on the shelf”—Big K.R.I.T. Featuring Yelawolf “Hometown Hero (Remix)” <em>Country Cu$$inz</em> (2010)
  • 2777_de-la-soul
    "See me on the cover of your Double XL/Takin' a holiday at the hotel"—Dave (De La Soul) "Simply" <em>AOI: Bionix</em> (2001)
  • XV
    29. “Then I bail, Quasimodo over that lease, I'm ringing bells/I won't fail to stay off that milk carton and XXL”—XV “Uptown Freestyle” (2009)
  • gamefeature9
    “I'm back on the cover of the Source and the XXL, Floatin' all through the (Streets of Compton)”—Game “Da Shit,” <em>Doctor’s Advocate</em>, (2006)
  • wyclef-jean-wianki-krakow-2011-03-24-002-720x480
    “Got the Vibe I like my wife beater, XXL and once I find the Source and turn the cross”—Wyclef Jean “David Banner,” <em>Let’s Ride 7</em>
  • whookid
    “In your XXL’s, Sources my crew is rowdy/When them hammers back out we leave the whole block cloudy”—DJ Whoo Kid feat. Littles & Mobb Deep “Burn Something,” (2002)
  • wallpaper_lil_kim
    “This verse goes out to my niggas in jail/Beatin they dicks to the double-X-L Magazine”—Lil Kim “How Many Licks?” <em>The Notorious K.I.M.</em> (2000)
  • wale
    “XXL favorite quote, what else do I need to post?, I am not no homophobe, good thing I don't read The Post”—Wale “The Soup,” <em>More About Nothing</em> (2010)
  • Unknown
  • the-game-3
  • RoyceDa59
    “I’m back, muthafucker/Notice the flyness on the cover of the XXL/I’m back from the dead like Tobey Maguire from the Brothers”—Royce Da 5'9" Featuring Eminem “Writer's Block,” <em>Success Is Certain</em> (2011)
  • game-image21
    “If it's murder he wrote it, if I'm lyin let the XXL quote it and know that I'm strictly a rap poet”—The Game “Troublesome,” <em>West Coast Resurrection</em>, (2005)
  • Royce-Da-5-9
    “Be in the XXL mag or in The Source/Being the King of the magazines and in a Porsche”—Royce Da 5”9 “Getting’ Money (Freestyle),” <em>The Bar Exam 2</em> (2008)
  • Redman
    1. “I bagged me a XXL Eye Candy/A little bling bling, got to Fresh like Mannie”—Redman & DJ Kool “That’s Where I B,” <em>Redman Presents… Reggie</em> (2010)
  • outkast
    “Fuck XXL you're a size too small/I should hire Eminem so we can kill you all/Whether you live to talk shit about the Real/Then kiss my ass in person how much you love the Hill”—Outkast feat. B-Real “Xplosion,” <em>Stankonia</em> (1999)
  • Nipsey-Hussle-ft-Kokane-Mr-Untouchable
    “2 X’s 1 L, we the top 10”—French Montana feat. Nipsey Hu$$le, Big Sean, & Wiz Khalifa “I’m On It” (2010)
  • nickiii
    “I was just tryna bubble, get past slow-mo/I ain’t even ask for them XXL promos”— French Montana feat. Nicki Minaj “New York Minute (Remix),” (2010)
  • newboyz
    “Looking through my double XL, King Magazine/Flipping through the first pages, looking for a queen”—New Boyz “Magazine Girl,” <em>Too Cool To Care</em> (2011)
  • 2011 BET Awards - Radio Room Day 1
    “Give him a 1000 dollars he’ll tat it on his hand/Damn, that’s worse than me lyin sayin Olivia was a man/Ya XXL cover look like making of the band”—The Game “240 Bars” (2008)
  • masterp
    “Call all hip hop dot coms, The Source, the Vibe, XXL, Murder Dog / I'm not lookin for stripes or stars my nigga, I gets paper, y'know?”— Master P “Best Hustlers,” <em>Ghetto Bill</em> (2005)
  • Mannie-Fresh-Like-A-Boss
    “And I heard the fake shit that you said in ya song/And I still love the nigga even though he was wrong/See, XXL will let you have the cover/If you say some fake shit about ya brother”—Mannie Fresh “My People,” <em>Hood Rich</em>, (2002)
  • ludacris
    “The Luda-meister got 'em feelin so randy, I'm XXL so I call 'em my Eye Candy”—Ludacris “Number One Spot,” <em>Red Light District</em> (2004)
  • LOS
    “And to XXL: 'Fuck could a nigga say?/Y’all did the same old shit, jus a different day”—Los “Hustle Hard,” <em>The Crown Ain’t Safe</em> (2011)
  • LloydBanks
    “I’m at your local newsstand jerk/While the only XXL you been in was a shirt”—Lloyd Banks “Just Another Day,” <em>A South Side Story</em> (2006)
  • LL_Cool_J
    “Around the way girls be doing it well/They love the way that man looks on the XXL”—LL Cool J “Mirror Mirror” <em>G.O.A.T.</em> (2000)
  • lil_boosie
    “Look, I finna make ‘em catch hell, you saw the XXL/Me and my lil nigga finna school a baby G and real nigga”—Lil Boosie “Movies,” <em>Bad Azz</em> (2006)
  • Lil Flip
    “Now when you see me in the Vibe, Murder Dog and The Source, and the XXL, standing next to a Porsche”—Lil Flip “7-1–3,” <em>Undaground Legend</em> (2002)
  • kendrick-lamar1
    “I was at the XXL just tryin' to excel/Networking, meanwhile my stomach turning”— Kendrick Lamar “The Heart Pt. 1” (2011)
  • Kanye
    “Honey wanna know the details about my Ebony/Well that’s X-X-L/ Far as the penthouse, yeah that’s upscale”— Consequence feat. Dwele & Kanye West “Hold On (Remix),” The Cons Vol. 3, <em>Da Comeback Kid</em> (2009)
  • JayZ-MAIN
    “I Got Bail Money, XXL money”— Jay-Z “Imaginary Player,” <em>In My Lifetime, Vol. 1</em> (1997)
  • immortaltechnique
    “So maybe my album won’t get 5 mics, or double-x-l’s, or 5 discs/Whatever man, fuck it”—Immortal Technique “The Message & The Money,” (2007)
  • images
    “Now since I just seen my face up in the XXL, A few chicks want to text let’s chill, how obvious”—J. Cole “Knock Knock,” <em>The Warm Up</em> (2009)
  • Game2
    “Get real close to the speaker I got a story to tell/He went from the front porch to the cover of XXL”—Game “I’m A Soldier,” (2004)
  • eminem_40795-1920x1200
    “I don’t need your little fuckin’ magazine. I got XXL number anyway. And, y’all can’t stand it cause they’re getting bigger than y’all”—Eminem “Nail in the Coffin,” <em>Invasion</em> (2006)
  • cypress-hill-b
    “Playin with your mind, makin you feel the Force/Had to cancel out, two punk niggaz up in The Source/Tried to get XXL, they still fell/Bitches go tell your troubles to Montel”—Cypress Hill “16 Men Till There’s No Men Left,” <em>Cypress Hill IV</em> (1998)
  • 50-cent-2
    “My dick XXL/You can call me The Source”—50 Cent “Just A Touch”, <em>Car Show Tour</em> (2005)
  • Clipse1
    “What duo you know get XXL kudos while copping Juilo/Classic sh*t, we mastered this/ Left for dead, I’m back, I’m Lazarus”—The Clipse “One Blood (Remix)” (2006)
  • bowwow1
    “If XXL don’t give me the cover, I’m blowing up they offices”—Bow Wow “You Drinking Too Much,” <em>Greenlight 4</em> (2011)
  • bow_wow_2
    “As soon as I see 'em yeah I act like I they lil brother. I can't get no sauce on the XXL cover”—Bow Wow “I Can’t Lose,” <em>Unleashed</em> (2003)
  • Black_Rob
    “Yes of course it’s me and Diddy up first racin Porsches, With the big twin valve exhaust-es/On the cover of ya Vibe’s, XXL’s and Source’s b*tch”—P. Diddy Featuring Black Rob & Mark Curry “Bad Boy for Life,” <em>The Saga Continues…</em> (2001)
  • Big Krit
    “For those that caught me in the Spin, in Complex magazine, XXL, the Vibe and whatever in between/It’s safe to say that dreams come true I guess”—Big K.R.I.T. “Dreamin’,” <em>Returnof4eva</em> (2011)
  • 50
    “Y’all groupies wanna talk, and send fanmail, cause y’all see me in The Source and the XXL (ha ha ha~!)”— 50 Cent feat. Tony Yayo “Tainted,” <em>God’s Plan</em> (2002)

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  • lesotho

    It now makes sense why XXL is always worshipping 50. All it takes is a few references in a song and XXL is ready to sell its soul.

  • jesterxxl

    Game loooveees XXL

  • eddiesixes

    so glad they mentioned the b real diss hahaha

  • Kace

    Ohh fidy

  • charlie

    50 fell off i havent heard nothing 2 excite me from him lately