50 Cent Meets Deepak Chopra [Photo]

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  • SG

    So which is more likely, that 50 will become a wellbeing and alternative health guru or that Deepak will start rapping about giving girls ‘in da club’ x pills (apparently 50 can’t get them horny without synthetic substances) and letting them lick on his lollipop

  • kd

    Sooo 50′s days as a gangsta rapper are through? I mean honestly, it’s a problem when you have more movies than albums…

  • jimmy z

    what an amazing transformation. who would ever have thought. what he is doing on Street King is amazing
    wow shows anyone can chnage and grow

  • mutada mullah atari

    50 has always been into self help, when he stated that he regretted making that sing on the mob deep g unit album were the Nigga with sickle cell dissed CHRIST JESUS showed a lot of growth in my book, I think a ton of 50′s success can be chaulked up to his self help habits, work ethic, fearlessness etc