Who You Wit: Just Blaze Ranks No.2 As Jay-Z’s Best Go-To Producer

Dr. Dre Ranks No.10 As Jay-Z’s Best Go-To Producer.
Trackmasters Rank No.9 As Jay-Z’s Go-To Producers.

DJ Premier Ranks No.8 As Jay-Z’s Best Go-To Producer.

Swizz Beatz Ranks No.7 As Jay-Z’s Go-To Producer.

Diddy and The Hitmen Rank No.6 As Jay-Z’s Best Go-To Producers.

Ski Beatz Ranks No.5 As Jay-Z’s Best Go-To Producer.

The Neptunes Rank No.4 As Jay-Z’s Best Go-To Producers.
Timbaland Ranks No.3 As Jay-Z’s Best Go-To Producer.

2. Just Blaze
No producer has released more tracks with Jay-Z than Just Blaze. After contributing five respectable tracks to Hov’s The Dynasty: Roc La Familia in 2000, the New Jersey-bred beat wizard validated his moniker with game-changing production on Jigga’s The Blueprint the following year. The LP showcased Just’s unique ability to effortlessly juggle soulful soundbeds (“Song Cry”) with hard-hitting neck-breakers (“U Don’t Know”). Just and Hov’s chemistry resulted in heaters on four out of five of the God MC’s albums over the next decade. Though The Blueprint 2: The Gift and the Curse turned out to be a disappointing follow up, it did produce Just’s “Hovi Baby.” Blaze is also responsible for “Public Service Announcement,” one of Jay’s most memorable tracks to date—off his supposed curtain call, The Black Album. “Show Me What You Got” (Kingdom Come) and “Ignorant Shit” (American Gangster) also come to mind when Jay and Just standouts are discussed. Though they haven’t released material together in nearly four years, this pair is sure to add to its already impressive list of bangers soon enough.—XXL Staff

Released Tracks: 23
Album Appearances (1pt): 6 = 6pts
Officially Released Singles (2pts): 4 = 8pts
Grammy Nominations (3pts): 1 = 3pts
Top 40 Singles on Billboard Hot 100 (4pts): 2 = 8pts
Signature Track (s) (5pts): “Girls, Girls, Girls,” “U Don’t Know,” “Song Cry,” “Hovi Baby,” “Public Service Announcement,” “Show Me What You Got,” “Ignorant Shit,” 7 = 35pts
Total: 60

Tune in later today as XXL reveals Jay-Z’s No.1 go-to producer.

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  • Sean Izzle

    Just Blaze came in on spot no. 2

    That’s cool, it’s whatever if Kanye West came in on the list as no. 2 instead of no. 1. and Just Blaze took the no. 1. All these producers on the list deserve the no. 1 spot, including Bink, he is underrated. Congrats to the producers who made it on the list yall all no. 1 really. Making music with Jigga is doing great. Shout out to The Neptunes, they making a comeback in the 2010s, some might seen it others will see it eventually

    im out

  • sosa

    Bink is sooooo underrated,I dont get why hov didnt do more tracks with him. Production wise i wouldnt be mad if you said hes better than blaze.”All I need” “Blueprint(Momma loves me),1-900-hustler also the rulers back. Also Irv deserves a spot as a honourable mention,guru,and espicially my man DJ CLARK KENT ! Xxl did good but not good enough


  • tito

    I know its Kanye… at no 1

    • http://www.xxlmag.com streetlife

      @ SOSA, you are right where the hell is BINK DOG???? I mean he didn’t do many jay-z tracks but he did some of the most memorable ones on blueprint and also the dynasty album. I still play that ‘You, Me, Him, Her’ track til this day. Also he that Ruler’ Back’ track is still one of my favorites. People sleeping on BINK. Just Blaze is one of my favorites too. I didn’t buy the Blueprint 3 just because there was no Just Blaze tracks on it. LOL.

  • http://msn.com locco-j

    lol. it funny. Just blaze dressing like Kanye use too!!!!