When Rappers Morph into Animals for Album Art


Kanye West and Jay-Z are beasts in the studio. Now, with the help of Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci, The Throne has captured that same animalistic quality through art.

Included in the booklet for their Watch the Throne album are a set of bold, black-and-white photos of the two posed as the lions of hip-hop, with fangs coming out of their mouths and whiskers out of their cheekbones.

But this isn't the first time rappers have channeled their animal instincts for images that eventually appear in their album sleeves. XXL presents a short list of other album covers in which hip-hoppers morph into their beastly counterparts. Growl!—Gina Montana

Sheek Louch, Donnie G: Don Gorilla


Sho Baraka, Lions and Liars


Birdman, Baby AKA The # 1 Stunna


Animal Cracker, The Killing Booth